25 Easy to Start Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives

The list of the home based business ideas for housewives in this article are very easy to start with minimum investment but gives a good return of profit. Most of the Indian women sacrifice their skills, talents, knowledge for the sake of managing the home. There is no doubt that homemaking has its own charm, but the main reason for the sacrifice is the need of leaving the home, which might not be possible for everyone. That is why I have collected a list of ideas of small scale business at home which you can easily start from your home.

The list of home based business ideas for housewives is as follows:

1. Soft Toy Making at Home:

Irrespective of gender and age, the soft toys are one of the most loved gift item. The manufacturing process of the same is also very easy and this business can be easily operated from home. With low cost of manufacturing and high return, this can be a great business idea if you have the skills.

2. Candle Making Business:

Another easy to manufacture business idea. However, the demand of simple candles is more in rural areas. But if you have the skills, you can include scented and designer candles in your business. These candles are sold in the market at a very high price. Over that, different festivals require huge supply of candles in India.

3. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business:

The laundry business doesn’t require much of skills. You just need to have the washing machine for the cleaning purpose. There are machines available for the dry cleaning business also. But this will need a bit more investment.

4. Start Tailoring Business from Home:

Tailoring is one of the skills which most of the women inherits naturally. But to start a tailoring business, you need to have specific skill set. You can join a tailoring school before starting the business. The need of the skilled tailors is continuously in demand in our society and thus this business idea can be one of the best home based business ideas for housewives

5. Make Money with Oriflame:

Oriflame is one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in the world and it mostly sales its product directly to the users from their marketing people. Women usually have a greater friend base and due to their nature of using cosmetics, your friends and family members can only be your biggest customer base. So, you can earn money even when you gossips with your friends by push selling the Oriflame products.

6. Gift Basket Making Business:

Gift baskets are a nice way to present a gift in a special way. So, if you have the skills of manufacturing baskets you can prepare gift basket from your home and sell them in the market. You can also sale the in the online market.

7. Start a Babysitting Business:

It is one of the most in demand service in our society and also the most profitable home based business ideas for housewives. In urban areas mostly both the couples goes out for work and thus they need a good babysitting service. You can start a day care unit at your home only. You just need to invest a bit for the decoration of the room, for purchasing few toys and will need one or two maids for doing the cleaning work.

8. Homemade Soap Making Business:

Homemade things always have a greater demand due to their higher quality. The homemade things have less use of chemicals and thus they are safer to use and gives better results. The process of starting a soap making business is also very easy and profitable.

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9. Tie-Dye Business:

The tie-dye business the modified version of ancient resist-dyeing. The tie-dye process gives the opportunity to create numerous dye patterns and thus create unique designs. The process is also not much complex and with little training, you can master the skills. Tie-Dye also has a great demand in the garments fashion thus becoming one of the most demanded home based business ideas for housewives.

10. Doggy Daycare Business:

People loves to have pet but face issue to take care of them as they need to leave for work. A doggy daycare is a service that most of the pet owners look for. But being the business owner, you also need to have the skills and training to handle the pets. If you don’t have, you can hire a specialist and take the charge of the managerial task. It is also one of the most lucrative home based business ideas for housewives.

11. Start a Fashion Boutique:

The need and demand of clothes will always be there in the market and a fashion boutique is the best place to get unique and latest range of designer clothes. You can easily start a boutique at your home as your part-time business and do an effective promotion to spread the word.

12. Start a Catering Business from Home:

You can easily accommodate all the things required to start a catering business with a space of around 500 sq feet. Catering business in India has a great demand as starting the same doesn’t require a huge investment but can fetch a great margin of profit.

13. Paper Jewelry Making Business:

This is one of the latest but very interesting and profitable ideas of small business for housewife. Paper jewelries are getting a huge demand in the market as they are fashionable, eco-friendly and most importantly pocket-friendly. You get a profit margin of around 20 to 30 % by manufacturing paper jewelry and selling them to the markets. The margin will shoot up to 50 to 75 % if you can sale them directly to the customers.

14. Teach Music Lessons:

If you love music and are a trained singer, then why waste the talent. You can let other people get the benefits of your skills by teaching them. It will help you to maintain your skills and also earn money as there is always a high demand for creative talents.

15. Start Painting and Art Classes at Home:

Painting and drawing is a thing that every parent wants to teach their children from an early age. So, if you have the skills then you can start an arts school at your home only. The success of the business will completely depend on your talent.

16. Become a Dance Teacher:

Like the music and painting, you can also start a dance school from your home. These kinds of extracurricular activities have a great demand in India making them the most attractive and prestigious home based business ideas for housewives.

17. Start Home Cooking Class:

This is one of the easiest home based business ideas for housewives to commence. In this business, you can use your own kitchen items to teach your students. However, you need to have a great skill in culinary and have a wide range of recipes to teach.

18. Become a Freelance Make-up Artist:

Unlike working as a permanent staff in a parlor, you can use your skills of make-up as a freelance make-up artist. Here you need to personally service your clients either at their place or in yours. If you have the skills, you can make huge profit from this business as during weddings and festivals, there is a great demand for make-up artists.

19. Start Selling Homemade Snacks and Namkeen:

Due to the quality and taste, homemade snacks and namkeens have a great demand in the Indian market. If you are good at making variety of tasty snacks and namkeen, then dive in to this business.

20. Start Making Agarbatti or Incense Sticks:

Incense sticks are used by people from most of the religions to pray to their gods thus it has a great demand in both national and international market. The manufacturing process is also very simple and can be done by both manually or with the use of machinery. Manufacturing a good quality Agarbatti can bring huge margin of profit.

21. Home Cooked Food Delivery Business:

Home cooked business has a great demand for the office going people and for people staying in mess and paying guests. You just need to hire one or two person for delivery purpose and when the business grows you can keep a separate cook for the same.

22. Freelance Resume writing:

Resume is one of the most important requirements of any student and job seekers. But most of them fail t create an attractive resume. If you have the proficiency of creating effective resume, then you can get a lot of project from the business of freelance resume writing. You will just need a computer along with net connectivity to operate his business and few dedicated hours every day.

23. Home based Baking Business:

If you love to bake, then you start a selling your baked items. Food businesses are among the most cash flowing home based business ideas for housewives and if you have the talent and skills in baking you can make huge profits from your home based baking business.

24. Start a Greeting Card Business:

You can easily manufacture decorated greetings card from your home. Greetings card have great demand during different occasions like New Year, Christmas, valentine’s day and there is a regular need the for birthday cards. Being a small scale business, you can easily start and operate this business from your home.

25. Pickle Making Business:

Like tailoring, Indian women also inherits the skill of pickle making. The handmade and naturally processed pickles have a greater taste in compare to others, thus making it a great home based business idea for housewives.

The home based business ideas for housewives also gives financial independence to the women as when you have your own mode of earning, you can complete all your small and big wishes for which earlier you have to depend on others. However, the list of the business ideas mentioned here can also be done by men if they have the required skills.

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25 Easy to Start Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives
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25 Easy to Start Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives
Here is a list of 25 most profitable home based business ideas for housewives that are easy to start with their inherited skills and little investment.
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