Home Based Biscuit Making Business – Low Cost Business Idea

Planning to start home based biscuit making business? Do you have some biscuit recipes that your near and dear ones prefer?  Not only kids but people of age group of people love to eat biscuits. There is no denying crispy biscuit is all time favorite, may be for breakfast or supper. It is one of the most favorite snacks around the world because of its availability and low price.  Thus, it makes the home based biscuit making business a lucrative idea to start entrepreneurial journey and taste monetary freedom. Biscuits come in different shapes, size and flavor and this variety make it a highly desirable food item. Along with this, biscuits also come at a very reasonable price due to which it has got a huge demand in the market.

Market Potentiality of Home Based Biscuit Making Business

The biscuit business from home has got a great potentiality in the market. It is used in almost every house on a daily basis. Be it with tea or coffee or as normal snacks, biscuits are a must in the plate. Along with this, being available at a reasonable price, the demand for the same is not restricted to any particular class of people. Urban or rural, whatever the area may be, biscuits have got a balanced demand.

The point that you need to consider while starting biscuit business from home is the targeted market. As if you choose to start cookies business then the urban area is the best place to sell them as it comes with higher quality and price too. However, if you are going to manufacture usual biscuits like Marie or Rusks, then it can be sold at any type of marketplace.

Biscuit Making Process

The manufacturing process is very simple and conventional. Due to this, you can easily begin with a home based biscuit making business. Let’s find the required raw materials: –

  • Wheat Flour
  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Ghee or butter
  • Salt
  • Milk powder
  • Edible colors
  • Flavors etc

Along with this, you will also need good packaging materials for moisture proof packaging and some machinery. The list of the required machines is: –

  • Dough Mixer
  • Rotary Molder
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Laminator
  • Biscuit Baking Oven
  • Cooling Conveyor
  • Oil Sprayer
  • Two Tier Cooling Conveyor etc

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The manufacturing process includes mixing of the wheat flour along with other ingredients and prepares the dough. Let the dough for fermentation in the normal room temperature for a couple of hours. After that, give the dough the required shapes and put it in the biscuit molding trays. Put the tray in the oven and let it bake. After the baking process is completed, let the biscuits cool down and taste the same.

If everything is perfect, go to the step to packaging the same in the airtight packaging system.

Tips for a Successful Home Based Biscuit Making Business

There are other competitive businesses that have already captured a huge portion of the market. So you need to find out some innovative ideas to have a successful run. The recipe of the biscuit is important, you need to experiment with the same to give something new to the market, be it the shape, taste or quality of the same.

High-quality product with the reasonable pricing is the key to a successful home based biscuit making business. So, you need to come with something new that is not there in the market to get an instant success of the business.

Steps to Start a Home Based Biscuit Making Business

Create a business plan:

A business plan helps to operate the business in a successful and hassle-free way. It includes the steps that you plan to take to operate the business in a successful way. Along with this, it also helps a lot in getting financial assistance from the banks.


Do a thorough research in the market about the business. It will help you to find the best ways to operate the business and avoid the mistakes that other had made. A research is always important before starting any business as it provides a complete idea for the required steps to be taken.

Arrange Capital:

The home based biscuit making business can easily be started with very less capital investment. I have mentioned a lot of machines in the article which is required to start the business, however, in the beginning; you can start with only one machine that is the baking oven. Later on, when your business grows, you can opt for the others for the quick manufacturing process.


As your business will be new to the market, you will need an extensive promotional campaign for the marketing of the same. You need to spend a good amount of capital to promote your business in the beginning. Use both the traditional and digital way to promote your business. Social media is a great tool for marketing anything free of cost.

This is the comprehensive guide to start and operate a successful home based biscuit making business. So, if you wish to take the path of the small scale manufacturing business, and then biscuit making is a very lucrative business idea.

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Home Based Biscuit Making Business - Low Cost Business Idea
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Home Based Biscuit Making Business - Low Cost Business Idea
Planning to start home based biscuit making business? Due to its great demand, biscuit business is a lucrative idea to start your entrepreneurial journey.
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