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Mosquitoes are one of the biggest concerns in our environment. It causes a different kind of deadly diseases. Every year millions of people die due to mosquito bites in all over the world. There are many safety measures used in our daily life to get rid of mosquitoes and the mosquito repellent coil is one among them. It is widely used by people to safeguard themselves from mosquito bites or other pests.

The huge demand for mosquito repellents makes the business idea of the mosquito repellent coil an attractive and lucrative one. So, if you are planning to start your own business, this idea worth taking a look into. In this article, I will discuss the complete steps of starting an herbal mosquito repellent coil manufacturing business.

Market Potentiality of Mosquito Repellent Coil

As long as there are mosquitoes in our environment, the demand for the mosquito repellent coil will always be there. With the increasing environmental pollution, the mosquitoes are growing at a very high pace. Along with this, there are many varieties of mosquitoes which are causing a menace to the human life. Deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, Chikungunya etc are caused due to mosquito bites only.

The mosquito repellent coil has got a huge demand in both rural and urban areas. However, the demand is high in rural areas as many of the people in the urban area uses advanced mosquito repellents, but they are also very expensive. That is why the mosquito repellent coil has got a huge demand. Along with this, most of the existing brands of mosquito coils are manufactured with harmful chemical ingredients which are itself harmful to the body as the smoke definitely helps to repel the mosquitoes but also causes breathing and other issues.

That is why; herbal mosquito repellent coil is a very nice alternative to get rid of mosquitoes along with not harming your health. There are very few brands of herbal mosquito coils available in the market. Therefore, it is a great business idea to start a manufacturing business of the same and capture the market.

Steps to Start an Herbal Mosquito Repellent Coil Business

As with the high market demand, it is definitely a great idea to start this business. But before starting the same, it is suggested to check the following steps to know in details steps required to begin the same.

  • Research: – Your research for the business idea should include few important points like: –
  • Manufacturing process of mosquito repellant coil
  • Suppliers of raw material
  • Required machinery for the manufacturing
  • Required capital etc.

A thorough research helps you to get answers to many questions and allows you to prepare yourself well as it is always better to know the restrictions and opportunities for any business before starting the same.

Learn the manufacturing Process: –

From Google, YouTube or any other sources, it is important that you learn about the manufacturing process in details. The raw materials of manufacturing herbal mosquito coils will be different.

Business Plan: –

Draft a business plan about how you are planning to successfully operate your business. What are the different steps you are going to take and operate the business. The business plan helps you to know the required steps to be taken in advance in difficult situations and also helps you to take financial assistance from the banks.

Location: –

you will need around 500 sq feet of place to start the manufacturing business. If you have enough empty places in your home, you can use the same. However, in your research, find out the legal formalities related to locations to start the mosquito repellent coil

Arrangement of Capital: –

It is always suggested to start any new business on a small scale. Once you get a strong grip on the market, you can make it big. However, being a manufacturing business, you need to arrange a bit more capital in comparison to other business ideas of mine. If you don’t have enough capital, you can take a loan from the bank by submitting your business plans.

Mosquito Repellent Coil Manufacturing Process

You will need a different mosquito coil making raw material as you will be producing herbal coils. Along with that, you will need materials like binders, smoldering agents etc. In the manufacturing process, the raw materials are grounded into fine powder and then it is kneaded with water. Then with the help of the machine, the coils are given shapes. You need to find the complete manufacturing process and the details of the required machinery in your research.

With a high-quality product with a reasonable price, you can easily make a success with herbal mosquito repellent coil business.

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Herbal Mosquito Repellent Coil Business - Small Manufacturing Business
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Herbal Mosquito Repellent Coil Business - Small Manufacturing Business
Want to know about herbal mosquito repellent coil manufacturing business? Continue reading to learn various steps of starting and running this business.
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