Use Scrap to Earn Money with Furniture Upcycling Business

Did you ever give a thought of using your unproductive time at home in starting a business which is home based also? Most of us all do and try to get away from the rat race and like to engage ourselves with tasks that cherish me. Are you a creative person with a good sense of colors and designing? Do you want to make a big impact in small scale home based business? Then furniture upcycling business would suit you the best and you should seriously think about it. You can give it a start by painting unused old pieces of furniture kept in your storeroom and give them completely different but amazing looks. The upcycled furniture can fetch you a good amount that you can’t expect before by selling such old furniture. No doubt it’s a genuine stream of generating passive income.

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What is Furniture Upcycling Business?

Furniture upcycling means refurbish any old piece of furniture and decorating the same with some new and creative ways like paint and crafts and selling them in the flea markets.

Here you need to buy any old furniture from auction or can also use the stock at your storehouse and use them for the business. Buying the scrap will cost you least, but may take a great effort to make it ok.

You can strike a great deal with refurbished furniture for sale as it will be unique and beautiful with your creative skill and useful too.

Skills Required Starting a Furniture Upclycling Business

Hard work, dedication and lots of creativity are all that is required to set up a business of upcycled furniture. You also need to have a good hand in arts and crafts to give new and unique designs to the furniture.

However, if you think that you don’t possess much of the required skill, you can join and art and craft school and discuss the kind of training that you are looking for and invest a bit of your time and money to acquire the desired skills.

If you want you can hire a person to assist you with the job, but that will be suggested after you start getting a good return on your investment.

Pros and Cons of Furniture Upcycling Business

If you are thinking that starting a business is easier than a service then you are absolutely correct, starting any business is a kid’s job but the twist is that running a business successfully is way harder than doing service. In service, you need to follow the instructions given to you and perform the same routine of work every day, but in business, you need to do new things on daily basis, invent new and creative idea to run it successfully and all needs to be done by you as you will be your own boss. But the taste of success in a business is way sweeter than the fixed salary that you get in service.

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So every business has its own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s find out about the upcycled furniture

Pros: –

Home Based

: You on a maternity leave or having a small kid at home whom you don’t want to leave alone in the hands of a nanny but still craving to work and do something creative along with making money. Start the furniture upcycling business as it can easily be operated from home.

Capital Investment

: The initial capital investment is very least as you will be buying old and unused furniture, so you can easily take a small pinch in your pocket and start the business.

Small Scale

: As mentioned earlier that business of upcycled furniture is home based and small scale too. So you can just draw a simple business plan and proceed accordingly with tiny steps as nothing to hurry. Start from a single furniture, use your creativity and see the kind of response you get from that. I am sure it will be overwhelming, and if it is so you can gradually increase the size and even hire a person for your help or a different studio for the work.


: Doing a job and afraid of leaving it due to the lucrative package, but business is all about taking the risk. But you can do the furniture upcycling business on your free time till you are not sure of leaving the job.


Less Potential Market

: The market demand for refurbished furniture is not fixed always as it is not a daily moving item. You may need to wait for a long to sell a single piece of work and some time may need to work overtime to meet the demand.

Require Above-average Skill:

Amateur at arts and crafts, then there is a long road ahead for you as you need to have an expertise skill in the field.

Ever kind of business comes with a bit of positive and negative, the skill is to reduce the effect of the negative points and work hard on the positive side to milk more out of the business. Furniture upcycling business can be a successful venture if you can run it with expertise and work hard on the promotional strategies of your works.

Here are a few tips for those interested people who are thinking about starting furniture up cycling business.

Tip1: Practice, practice and practice

Sure the business requires some sort of creativity but if you don’t possess any creative skills, don’t be upset. Learn every minute detail like how to apply primer and paints on furniture, usage of basic materials, which tools to start with, how to give them a unique look etc. After learning, you just need to practice for developing your skill-set and making your finished work perfect.

Tip2: Enroll in upcycling classes or watch online videos

To learn the complex upcycling techniques, you may join upcycling classes conducted by the experts or you may take help of online videos and tutorials to acquire the skills.

Tip3:  Search for good pieces of furniture

You should find old furniture items that are in good condition but cheaper in piece. You can check farm auctions, local car boot sale or classifieds.

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Earn Money with Furniture Upcycling Business - Small Business Idea
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Earn Money with Furniture Upcycling Business - Small Business Idea
Do you want to make a big impact in small scale home based business? Then furniture upcycling business would suit you the best.
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