45 Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Food is the basic necessity of the life and now has also become a luxury in many cases. People around the world love to eat delicious food, due to which the there is a huge demand for food business ideas with low investment. It is very rare to find a food business failing to succeed if is operated in a proper way.

That is why, in this article, I have collected 45 food business ideas with low investment. You can choose from the list as per your convenience and expertise in the niche.

List of 45 Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

1. Start a catering business from home: –

Starting a catering service is a lucrative home based food business. People loves to throw a party in every small occasion, thus gives the catering business a great market to prosper. If have interest and love cooking, with some extra hands, you can easily start a catering business from home.

2. Start a juice bar: –

Fruits and vegetable juices are good for health and they give relaxation to the throat from thirst and heat too like the cold beverages. However, most people prefer juice instead of other beverages as it is good for the health and has got a higher nutritional value. This business can be started with very less capital; you just need to select a suitable place to start the juice bar business.

3. Start a Food Truck Business: –

Food truck contains the facility to cook and serve in a moving vehicle. The food truck business is very popular in foreign locations and slowly gaining popularity in third world countries too. It saves a lot of investment in purchasing and renting a place and you can move your shop anywhere you wish where you may think that the business will do good. Like in the morning you can do business near any office or school etc and in the evening you can shift your business near some busy market. Read more about Food Truck Business

4. Spice Processing: –

Spices are a mandatory ingredient in our Indian cuisine. That is why there is such a high demand for spicesa in the market. Over 50 different types of spices are available in India with a production quantity of around 36.68 tons per annum. Thus, with high demand and high-profit ratio, spice processing can be very lucrative and profitable food business ideas with low investment

5. Tea Bag manufacturing: –

Tea and paper bags are the only two materials that you require to start a tea bag manufacturing business. China, India is the largest tea producing country in the world. Thus, there is an easy availability of the raw materials at reasonable rates. And thus, you can easily start this business from home with very less investment.

6. Start Selling Homemade Snacks and Namkeen: –

High-quality product, less use of preservatives and lusciousness differentiates the homemade food products from the others available in the market. That is why; there is a great demand for homemade snacks and namkeen.

7. Potato chips making

Potato chips are the most favorite snacks around the world. There are three basic reasons behind this, first is it is very tasty, secondly, it is available at a cheap price and it helps to kill the hunger easily. China is the largest producer of potato in the world giving a huge supply of raw material for starting this home based food business.. Read more about potato chips manufacturing business.

8. Popcorn making business: –

You just need to buy a popcorn making business for this. The machine is available at a wide range of prices ranging from Rs 5000 and above. You just need to mix the corns with relevant mixtures like spices, salt, butter and other masalas and put it in the machine. You can sell packaged popcorn or open a counter in malls. This is one of the lucrative food business ideas with low investment as you can slowly develop your own chain of popcorn making business in your town.

9. Candy making: –

Candies are loved by all, it works as a great mouth refreshments. The best part of starting a candy making business is that the market is not captured by any particular brand of candies. You can easily enter the market with good quality product.

10. Noodles manufacturing business: –

Noodles is one of the most demanded fast-food items in the world. There is a very high demand of noodles. The manufacturing process of noodles is also very simple and it is a very profitable home based food business.. Read more about Noodles making business.

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11. Papad Making business: –

Papad is a very common snacks item eaten in India. There is a wide range of qualities of papad available in the market. And like always, the homemade papad’s have got a huge demand due to its quality. Read more about Papad Making business.

12. Pickle Making Business: –

Who can forget the tingling taste of pickles made by our mothers or grandmothers. Pickle making is like a heritage in the world and you can give this heritage a commercial face by starting a pickle making business. It is a much-demanded food business ideas with low investment.

13. Ice cream Cone Making Business: –

If you are from tropical region, then the climate is hot in most of the time in a year. This gives a great opportunity for a business like ice-cream and cold-drinks. In the different varieties of ice cream, the cones are the largest selling one and that is why ice cream cone making business is among the profitable food business ideas with low investment.

14. Peanut Butter Making Business: –

A butter made of peanuts, just imagine the nutritional value it will have when consumed with whole grain bread or roti. It is one of the favorite food items for the mothers as it is tasty and healthy too. Read more about Peanut Butter Making Business.

15. Ice Block Making: –

Ice blocks have got a wide range of requirements mostly to give a cooling effect. Ice blocks are required in the food industry to cool down the food like the drinks and others. Ice blocks are also used to preserve food items like fish, meat and others. Read more about Ice Block Making Business.

16. Guar Gum Manufacturing Business: –

Guar Gum has got a versatile property and has got a huge demand in various industries like food, textile and others. It is a natural polymer and thus has got a huge demand in various industries making it a great home based food business idea. Read more about Guar Gum Manufacturing Business.

17. Frozen Food Business: –

Frozen food is quickly gaining demand in world market. Due to the change in our lifestyle we get very less time to prepare and cook food. That is why, the frozen food is quickly becoming a demanded food business ideas with low investment. . Read more about Frozen Food Business.

18. Start a small jam-making business: –

Jam and jelly is likely to be the most favorite food items to the mothers around the world. They are tasty to eat, healthy and makes the life easier for the mom as you just need to spread some jam over the bread or roti and the early morning breakfast or school Tiffin is ready. Read more about Start a small jam-making business.

19. Peanut Roasting Business: –

Buy raw peanuts from the market and sell them back by roasting the same. The roasted peanuts have got a much higher price than the raw peanuts. If you are looking forward to an easy and good home based food business idea, this is one from the list. Read More about Peanut Roasting Business.

20. Flour Milling Business: –

In this era of packaged food items, people still like to buy flour directly from the mill as they are fresh and nutritious. You just need a small place of around 200 sq ft with a flour milling machine and one or two worker. This is also one of the very profitable food business ideas with low investment. . Read More about Flour Milling Business.

21. Cashew Nut Processing Business: –

India contributes to the 15 % of world’s cashew nut production and is the 3rd largest producer of cashew nuts. So, it is easy to purchase raw cashews at a reasonable cost from the market and sell them with higher profit after processing. Read more about Cashew Nut Processing Business.

22. Fast Food Business: –

The mass of the world population loves to eat fast food. Thus, it gives a great boost to the prosperity of the fast food business in the any market. With fast food business, you can quickly start your cash register spinning. It is among the most scalable and profitable food business ideas with low investment.

23. Banana Wafer Making Business: –

Banana is available in huge quantity in third world countries, thus gives a great opportunity to the banana wafer making business to prosper in those market.

24. Home cooked Food Delivery Business: –

People staying away from their home crave for home cooked business. Over that, some doesn’t gets the time to prepare home cooked food and carry the same to office, school or colleges, thus you can start a home based food business of food delivery to paying guest, offices etc. The investment is a bit high as you will need to hire workers to help in cooking and delivering the same.

25. Start Cookie Business from Home: –

Cookie is a great confectionery and if you have the required skill of baking, then homemade cookie business has got a huge market potentiality.

26. Ice-cream Parlor Business: –

In the tropical area, the hot climate stays in for almost 9 months in a year and thus gives a great demand for cool things like ice-cream. If you are looking forward to start a home based food business, then starting an ice-cream parlor is a great idea.

27. Besan Manufacturing Business: –

The process of manufacturing Besan is similar to flour milling. Besan has also got a huge demand in the Indian market as Besan is required for making both sweets and spicy items.

28. Office Food Delivery Business: –

In this fast life, it s not possible for everyone to cook and carry food to their offices. They either take their lunch or dinner from the canteen or takes food delivery services. In this business idea, you just need to cook good quality food and deliver the same to different offices from where you got the orders. You don’t have to deliver the food by yourself as you can hire help for the same. The Dabbawala chain in Mumbai is the biggest example of this business idea.

29. Iodized Salt Production Business: –

Salt is the most basic need for cooking and is required in every kind of dish, sometimes even in sweet dishes. Iodized salt are available at a very low price and thus the demand for the same never dips. Read More about Iodized Salt Production Business.

30. Start a Vermicelli Making Business: –

Vermicelli or Sevai is a ready to cook item usually used to prepare sweet dishes. Vermicelli gets a steady demand throughout the year and huge ones during the festivals. Wheat is the basic raw material required for its production and the manufacturing process of the same is also very easy. Read more Start a Vermicelli Making Business.

31. Small Scale Paneer Manufacturing Business: –

Milk is the basic raw material required for manufacturing paneer. The process of paneer production is also very easy and can be conveniently done from home. Read more Small Scale Paneer Manufacturing Business.

32. Ginger Garlic Paste Manufacturing Business: –

In this fast life, we get very little time to process food and use it in cooking. Ginger and garlic is required in most of the cooking items to enhance the taste, thus people prefer using ginger garlic paste rather than processing the raw ginger and garlic, making this an attractive food business ideas with low investment.

33. Bread and Loaf Making Business: –

Breads and loafs are consumed in regular basis around the world. It has got a very high nutritious value and also has got a reasonable price tag. Thus manufacturing bread and loafs can bring a good business.

34. Tomato Sauce Making Business: –

The Chinese dishes has got a huge demand across the world and simultaneously the demand for different types of sauces like tomato, soya, oyster and others has also increased. Hotel, restaurants and food business owners have got a huge demand for sauce across the country. The sauce can be easily prepared at home also. Thus, you got another home based food business idea. Read more Tomato Sauce Making Business.

35. Murmura Manufacturing Business: –

Murmura or Muri is a food item which is used across the country as snacks. Rice is the basic raw material for manufacturing murmura and India being the top producer of rice, you can get an abundant supply of the raw material at a reasonable price for this business.

36. Fruits Vegetables Export Business: –

You can grow your own fruits and vegetables and export the same in international market. There are many species of fruits and vegetables which has got a huge demand in the foreign market. So, do a small research on the same and grow them at your place. Read more Fruits Vegetables Export Business.

37. Coffee Shop Business: –

Hanging out with friends with a cup of coffee is the most usual things that all of us do. This gives a great boost to the coffee shop business.

38. Daliya Manufacturing Business: –

Wheat is a great source of nutrients like protein, calories, carbohydrates and others and it is the basic raw material required for manufacturing Daliya. Due to its high nutrition value, Daliya has got a good demand in the market along with this, it is highly delicious to eat too.

39. Onion Paste Manufacturing Business: –

Onion is required in mostly all kind of item to cook, majorly in non-veg items. Peeling onions, cleaning them and making a paste out of it in mixer grinder may be a hideous task to do and that is why people prefer ready-made onion paste. Manufacturing of onion paste is simple as you just need onion, preservatives, good packaging system and equipment to make the paste. Thus making it a profitable food business ideas with low investment

40. Salted Cashew Making Business: –

This business can be done with cashew processing business. At the time of processing, you just need to add salt and other spices to make salted cashew. Salted cashew is a great snack to eat and it is a highly profitable business idea too.

41. Packaged mineral water business: –

We use water filters to get pure drinking water at home. But what about when we go out or when there is a dining party. Packaged mineral water is the best solution for this. The manufacturing of packaged mineral water is easy and simple and it is one of the most profitable business ideas with less investment. Read more Packaged mineral water business.

42. Vinegar Production Business: –

We use vinegar in different kind of cooking and purchase it from the market. But the same can be prepared at our homes too. Vinegar is required in huge volume especially in restaurants and food outlets.

43. Garam Masala Powder and Chat Masala Powder: –

Garam Masala and Chat Masala are two very common masalas used in the Indian cuisine. You will find a packet of both of these Masalas at every residence in India, thus making it one of the most popular food business ideas with low investment.

44. Sweets Making Business: –

Sweet is loved by all age groups, even by those who have got diabetes. You will find a sweet dish at the end of every dining party. Most of the population in our country keeps sweet at their home to serve them when any guest visits them.

45. Cheese Processing Business: –

Milk is available in abundance and at a reasonable rate and cheese has got a huge demand in both national and international business. The price of the cheese is also three times higher than the milk. Thus, cheese processing is a very lucrative and profitable home based food business idea.

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45 In-Demand Food Business Ideas with Low Investment
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45 In-Demand Food Business Ideas with Low Investment
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