Fiverr, the modern business platform to make a decent buck

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Fiverr, the modern business platform to make a decent buck

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were paid for every small errand that you ran or that article you wrote for a friend? How about that presentation you made for someone you know? Well, be ready to be surprised because Fiverr offers you the chance to get paid for your skills which might not seem like a great deal to you but are valuable assets to the others. Fiverr, which happens to be a freelancer platform has a unique quality i.e. the fixed price of every task, known as a gig, is $5 out of which $1 is kept by the platform as a mediator service fee. So basically, you can earn $4 for doing a task which includes any digital service such as writing, editing, video making etc. With the ever evolving business scenario, this seems like a smart means of money making, as this not only offers an extra source of income but also provides the opportunity to gain experience as you work in your free time. But the main question that arises is, “How do you make money on Fiverr?” Here, we will discuss the various money making features and prominent fields which offer more opportunities.

Signing Up! The first and the foremost step, like any other freelancing platform would be to sign up on the website using you e-mail Id and password. This will be your unique identity on Fiverr and it will also showcase your profile as a professional. You need to make sure that you have an attractive profile which focuses on your skills and talents leading the buyer to his requirements through your services.

Since the gigs are fixed priced, the task is usually easy. But, in addition to the $5 gigs there are options to offer extra services to the buyer for extra money in the same gig. Also, it is a good platform to make connects and to increase your business providing network and create long term relationships.

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There are several types of gigs which attract the most audience on terms of sellers and buyers. These include:

Fiverr, the modern business platform to make a decent buck

Fiverr, the modern business platform to make a decent buck

  1. Writing: Content writing is one of the hottest topics in the present day. With an ever increasing demand for high quality content, you are sure to find perfect clients to offer your writing gigs to. $4 for a five hundred word article seems like a good deal, not to forget the amount of work you could get if you offer impressive work. READ ALSO: Build Your Career in Freelance Resume Writing
  2. Graphics and Visuals: Graphic design and visual editing are also prominently searched for on the platform. Image editing services and graphic designs such as logos and posters are popular among the new websites and companies. People look for such services online on Fiverr platform and are even willing to pay more if they like your work. This skill can get you lots of money on the platform!
  3. Animation: This is yet another hot topic on the platform with a lot of people seeking animators to help fulfill their requirements. If you are an animator with a creative mind and quick execution ability, Fiverr could be the next big thing for you.
  4. Web development: Websites are an absolute must for businesses these days. Even a lot of individuals are making websites to create a personal brand. If you are skilled in website development and have a good hand at designing websites, this is a good option to look for.
  5. Proofreading and Editing services: One of the simplest and easiest tasks is proofreading documents for errors. The only thing required to perform this task is a good command over the English language with a complete know how of grammar. So, proofreading and editing documents can get some extra dollars!

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Finally, we would like to wish you good luck with your Fiverr gig but also remind you that this is a good source of making money since it doesn’t take much time and helps you hone your skills as well. So, keep in mind your time limits and offer services accordingly.

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