Exercise Book Manufacturing Business

Small business or home-based business is a great opportunity to make a career out of the same for a good livelihood and establish you as a successful entrepreneur and that is also in a limited investment amount. Likewise exercise book manufacturing business is one of the ideas for the production of such an item which has a huge demand in the market throughout the year. So if you also looking for an opportunity for making a big impact in the business, then the exercise book manufacturing business is the idea which deserves your kind attention.

Business Potentiality of Exercise Book Manufacturing Business

There is a huge scope of the market for the exercise book manufacturing business in the world, the demand is so much that market needs to import the same from outside as unable to match the equilibrium of demand and supply from the quantity of production from the domestic manufacturing business of exercise book.

The exercise book manufacturing business includes manufacturing of items like: –

  • Different type of copies like the blank, with rules, math copies for kids and others.
  • Register for official use.
  • Diaries, notebooks and notepads.
  • Practical books for science, geography and various others.

With the involvement of various options in the production type, the area of opportunity is very high as since last few decades India has experienced a huge development in the both corporate and curriculum sector which has lead to increasing demand for the stationary items and a great opportunity for the exercise book manufacturing business to prosper as exercise books are the mandatory things required in educational institutions and offices and over that it is used for high volume in daily basis. So, these factors make the decision easier to choose exercise book manufacturing business as your career and business opportunity.
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Exercise Book Manufacturing Procedure

Before discussing the procedure manufacturing of exercise book, let’s find out the required equipment and raw materials for the same.

Below are the different exercise book making machine you can use in the business: –

  • Cutting Machine (Motor operated) will cost approximately Rs 1, 25, 000.00
  • Stitching Machine will cost like Rs 30,000
  • Counting Machine will come by Rs 30,000
  • Ruling machine will cost you about Rs 80,000
  • Book Pressing machine and others.

To have a successful run in the exercise book manufacturing business, it is suggested to have a semi-automatic plant as it will need less budget to run the same along with will also save a lot of manual effort for the manufacturing process.

Required Raw Materials: – The basic raw material in the exercise book manufacturing business is the white sheet. You may also need other items like gum, stitching wire, ink for printing and others.

The Manufacturing process

The process of producing the exercise book depends on the type of the demanded product as per the market. So below are the steps required for the same: –

  • With the help of a paper cutting machine, cut the paper rim in the desired size as per the order from the client.
  • You can use the ruling machine to draw lines on the plain paper.
  • If you wish to give page numbers, you can use counting machine for the same.
  • Then with the stitching machine, stitch the exercise book and you will also need to use grey boards to bind the same.

So this is the way you can manufacture exercise book without much of difficulties.
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Why Choose Exercise Book Manufacturing Business as a Business Career

A business needs a huge dedication and physical involvement along with capital to set up, so it is highly recommended to do a complete research of the business before commencing the same so that you never regret about the chosen business niche. Below are few basic benefits of starting exercise book manufacturing business: –

  • Home Based: – You can easily start the business from your home and take the assistance of your family members in the production process. You can also start the same as a part-time business opportunity. The business doesn’t need a huge space, thus using your home for the purpose means huge saving in rent or for the acquirement of place.
  • Easy Legal Formalities: – Starting the same business involves simple procedure along with easy legal formalities to do for the permit and licensing.
  • Higher Market Demand: – The reports of Customs Authority of India shows that a huge amount of supply of exercise books is imported and only 10 % of the total demand are manufactured in India. So, just imagine the market potentiality of the exercise book manufacturing business in India.

You can make your exercise book manufacturing business by applying various marketing and promotional schemes. You can take contracts from different offices or institutions for providing with the required stationary. The best way is to begin in small or medium enterprise and gradually grow your business.

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Exercise Book Manufacturing Business - Small Manufacturing Business
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Exercise Book Manufacturing Business - Small Manufacturing Business
If you are looking for an opportunity for making a big impact in the business, then exercise book manufacturing business is the idea which deserves your kind attention.
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