Envelope Making Business – A Small Scale Smart Business Idea

Just imagine the use of envelopes during seasons like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day and various other occasions like birthday, anniversary etc where greetings card are put into the envelope and distributed. Over that envelope has a regular use as stationary in different institutions and offices. It is a nice option to open a paper envelope making unit on your own and have a steady income source from the envelope making business.

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Why Should You Choose Envelope Making Business?

This is an important question that everyone should seek answer before commencing any business. You should know every aspect of the business before commencing it. So, the answer to the above WHY can be found from the below points: –

  • Market Demand: – Millions of envelopes are used on daily basis for different purposes like for official or for sending greetings card and many others, so it has a great demand in the market.
  • Home Based: – You can easily start your envelope making business from your home. It doesn’t need a huge infrastructure to commence the same.
  • Less Investment: – As it can be started at your home only, you can save a huge investment for the infrastructure. And over that envelope making business is a small scale business and doesn’t require much investment for the operation also.
  • Required Skill: – You don’t need specific skills or academic qualifications to start and run this business. You just need to know how to run a business in a profitable manner.

However, you may find many reasons about not to go for this business option. It is very important to strike a proper balance between the pros and cons of any business to run it successfully.

Other than Envelope

Due to the government ban on plastic, the demand for paper bags has also increased a lot and you can easily incorporate the manufacturing of standard size paper bag in your business niche which will give a great versatility to your envelope making business.  An automated envelope making machine can easily make envelope of size 42 inches without giving any trouble along with other sizes.

Process of Making Envelope

As mentioned earlier, anyone can start this business without the need of high qualification and skills. But, before starting the business, you need to decide on the scale of the same. You can even make envelope with complete manual process, but that will not suffice the need of your business and that’s why you need to use machines for the same for a higher rate of production.

So for the manufacturing of envelope you will basically need two important things- different quality of papers and envelope manufacturing machine.

Paper- The Raw Material

The paper is the most important raw material required for envelope making business. There are different qualities of paper which are used in this business like map litho paper, scrap paper and others depending on the client’s requirement. Generally, it starts from 70 gsm and used according to the business need and demand.

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Machines: – Choose Accordingly

The selection of the machine will depend on the size of the business unit and the demand for the production. There are different types of machine available in the market with different features. Some are fully automated which will cost you around 1, 50,000 to 2, 00,000 and also have manually operated machines which will cost you only around 70,000 approx.

So the selection of the machine is very important according to the business type. Different machines also have different features of producing several designs of envelope. So choose wisely after a good research.

Process: – Easiest One

There are machines where you just need to put the paper roll in the machine and it will give you the desired output. However, there are five basic processes for the manufacturing of the envelope: –

  • Cutting of paper in the dies as per the required shape and size.
  • Printing inside or outside of the envelope
  • Window punching and patching
  • Sealing of the envelope by applying gum to the edges
  • Folding of the blanks in the desired shape.

You can use different machines for the different steps or can get a single machine also which will perform all the above steps on its own.

How to Start the Envelope Making Business

For starting the business you will need three basic things: –

Market Research: – Do a complete research of the market and find out everything about the business and this should be done way before commencing. It will help you to know the different procedure to run the business along with the business strategies used by your competitors.

Capital: – Although, you will not need a huge capital, but for buying raw materials and machinery and others you will need some cash in hand. You can get a loan from financial institutes by providing them with a perfectly crafted business plan.

Customers: – This is one of the most important and difficult aspects of the business. You need to have regular and good amount clients to continue the business in a long term. Promote your business effectively and use your networking to get the contracts from a large customer base.

So, to have a good source of income for livelihood and that is also by working for your own, you can give a thought about starting the envelope making business or you can also refer to different other business ideas mentioned on this website.

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Envelope Making Business – A Small Scale Smart Business Idea
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Envelope Making Business – A Small Scale Smart Business Idea
Do you want to start Envelope Making Business? It is a nice option to open a paper envelope making unit on your own and have a steady income from home.
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