All you Need to Know about Egg Tray Making Business

The huge population of India and a high rate of consumption on eggs on a daily basis give a great boost to the egg tray making business. There are poultry layer farms spread in all over the country and i.e. also in a large quantity. Every egg producing farm needs egg trays for the packaging of the eggs. Without the egg trays, there is a high risk of the eggs getting damaged and broken. That is why there is a great demand of egg tray making business in our country. Over that, the egg tray manufacturing process is also easy as it is easily manufactured with the waste paper pulp and egg tray machinery.

Why Choose Egg Tray Making Business

Market Potentiality:

The basic reason for selecting any business is the demand for the same in the market. Eggs are widely consumed in all over India and with the increasing demand along with the increasing population; the market opportunity for the egg tray making business has also increased a lot.  Earlier in rural areas, it was a big problem to carry eggs without any convenient egg holders to the marketplace. Since, there were no other suitable options for egg storage and transportation; many eggs are broken on the way causing monetary loss for several rural families, poultry farmers and egg suppliers. Due to the growing number of poultry farms in urban locations, the demand of a convenient egg holder is also rising. It is expected that the future demand for egg trays will increase in proportion to the projected annual growth rate of the demand for eggs.

Moreover, the basic raw materials used to make egg trays are waste paper and caustic soda are easily available and cheap in price. Thus it is a lucrative idea to start a business of egg tray making for a profitable venture.

Environmental Benefits:

Paper wastes are the basic raw material required for the egg tray manufacturing process. Thus the production of egg trays reduces a great burden of paper waste from the world. Over that, there are no or very least residuals left in the manufacturing process.

Simplicity in Manufacturing Process:

Automated egg tray making machine plays a vital role in the manufacturing procedure. You will need a maximum of two to three labors for the entire process. The all work will be done by the egg tray machinery only. Thus, it is very simple to produce egg trays as the maximum of the job is done by the automated machines only.

Different Business Options:

With the same egg tray making machine, you can also produce different other pulp paper products like:

  • Egg carton
  • Fruit trays
  • Packaging box for medical products
  • Electronic packing materials
  • Tableware
  • Paper trays and much other.

Thus, with one business and same machinery and raw materials, you can produce a wide range of products. It gives a great versatility to the business.

So, above are the few points which make the egg tray making an attractive business idea to choose from. However, every business idea has its own pros and cons, so you need to do a proper and thorough research of the same to get to know about the various aspect of the business.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Process

Before going to invest in any business, you should know the making of egg trays from paper pulp. Raw materials and egg tray machine are the prime requirements for this business.

Raw Material:

Waste papers, waste core boards and paper tubes are the basic raw material required for the production of egg trays. Along with the same, you will also need caustic soda and other fibrous materials.

Required Machinery and Manufacturing Process:

Below is the list of the required egg tray machinery along with the manufacturing process:

  • Cutting Machine: At the very first stage, dust or any superfluous materials are removed from the waste paper by beating it with a stick. Then it is cut in to pieces with the help of cutting machine. Depending on the production scale or the amount of investment, you can go with either electrically or manually operated cutting machine.
  • Paper Pulping Machine: In this machine, the waste papers are processed and turned into pulp. In fact, after cutting the papers in to pieces, they are transferred to a hydraulic pulper with added water. Thereafter, it is set in motion for some time to get a 4 %( solid) consistency pulp stock. If necessary, caustic soda is added. Then the pulp is placed in to a dilution tank using a pump. After addition of enough water, pulp is ready to be molded.
  • Forming Machine: The function of this machine is to mold the egg tray from the paper waste pulp.
  • Drying Machine: – This machine is operated with diesel, natural gas, coal or and electricity. Here the process of drying of the product is been done.
  • Packing Machine: – In this, the process of automatic stacking and counting of the end product is done.

This is the complete automatic system of egg tray making manufacturing process. The price of the complete automatic machine starts from Rs 5 lacs onwards. You can also start our business with semi-automatic or manually operated machinery which will start from Rs 2 to 3 lacs onwards.

Steps to Start an Egg Tray Making Business

Till now I assume that you got the information regarding the prospect of the egg tray making business idea. So, if these has grown more interest in you regarding the business opportunity then below are the steps to start the business: –


Check out the laws regarding starting an egg tray making business with your local administrative office. The basic required things are:

  • Registration of Business
  • Trade License
  • VAT registration
  • NOC from Pollution Control Board
  • Business current account and others depending on the independent state law.

Arrangement of Capital: –

Acquirement of machinery and location will need a good amount of capital. You will need at least Rs 10 to 15 lacs to start the business. You can get a loan from the bank by submitting a well-thought-out business plan.

Selection of Location:

Select a location depending on the scale of the business. Make sure that the location has a proper supply of water and electricity along with good connectivity with the transport system. Location need not have to be in town as it will cost you very high.


Take proper and planned steps to promote and market your business to get proper contacts of the potential clients. Poultry farms and fruit producers are the main consumers of the products that your business will produce. So, even before starting the business, you can contact your nearby customers and try to make a deal in advance.

Creating a website will give your business a wide exposure to the potential customers.

Egg tray making

is a great option to start a profitable career in business. So, if you have the zeal to success as an entrepreneur, then this is one of the best platforms to begin your individual career.

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All you Need to Know about Egg Tray Making Business
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All you Need to Know about Egg Tray Making Business
Egg tray making is a profitable business option that has potential to prosper. Find out every necessary detail to start the business of your own.
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