Try the Unconventional Way of Duck Farming – Small Business Idea

The demand of duck meat and duck eggs are not as high as of chicken, but there are numerous suppliers of chicken meat and eggs a very few duck farming. In the last few decades, the demand for duck products have shown a good increase in the rate but the need is not able to fulfill with the lesser amount of duck farming, thus going out of the way and raising ducks is a good way to bring versatility to the farming business.

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Market Opportunity

Duck products like eggs and meat are sold at much higher rate than of the chicken due to the scarcity of the supply. They are much more delicious than of chicken and have greater nutrition values. So if marketed well, you can have a monopoly business of duck farming.

Chicken farms and poultry are found in every corner of city and rural areas, so it is a tough completion in the chicken farming. You can also export your duck products if you have sufficient amount of production as duck products also have great demand in the international market.

The margin of profit is very high in duck farming and the cost of production is more or less same as of the chicken. The duck products are sold at least in more than 30% to 40 % higher rate in compare to of chicken. In India chicken meat is sold at an average rate of 160 to 180 Rs per Kg and eggs at 5 Rs per pcs whereas duck meats are sold at a minimum of 250 Rs per kg and eggs will cost you 7 to 8 Rs per pcs. So you can easily find the difference in the profit margin.

Benefits of Duck Farming and Its Products

This section is more useful for buyers, but if you are thinking of starting your own duck farming, then you should be aware of the benefits of it and can use it as a tool for promoting your business.

People avoid having duck eggs as they contain one-day cholesterol which is not good for cardiovascular patients, but people who lead an active life need good fat and good cholesterol for their body and the cholesterol from duck egg are not harmful but a good one. Let us check the other advantages of duck products: –

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  • Duck eggs have double the nutrition value in compare to chicken eggs.
  • The thicker shell helps to keep the eggs fresh for a long time.
  • The higher quantity of Albumen found in duck eggs helps to make cakes and pastries fluffier and richer.
  • Duck eggs are enriched with Omega 3 fatty acid which is beneficial in every possible way for a healthy body.
  • Duck eggs produce alkaline in the body which is very beneficial as cancer cells do not increase in the alkaline environment whereas, chicken products produces acid in the body.

Advantages of Raising Duck

Other than the healthy benefits of duck products, there are many other benefits in duck farming also in compare to chicken farming like: –

  • Ducks are hardier than chicken.
  • Lays more eggs
  • They have a longer life cycle and lays eggs for a long time.
  • They can survive in worst weather and condition

So giving a thought about duck farming is not a bad idea.

How to Begin Duck Farming

You can start raising ducks in both indoor and outdoor. Of you don’t have enough open space; you can create your own duck farm indoor. In the UK, the majority of commercial duck farms are having an indoor system. The floor is usually covered with straws.

If you want to have an ethical way of duck farming, then it is good for the ducks but not for the business but if you have a large area with ponds or water then you can use it for duck farming as ducks need water to clean them on regular basis.

For starting duck farming you need to follow few steps prior to starting your operation: –

  • Make a business planYour business plan will have all necessary details and steps that you are planning while starting your duck farming. It should have all the details of your research and analysis of raising ducks and other things.
  • Capital: – The need of investment capital will depend on the size of your business. If you don’t have land or place then you will need higher capital. Other than that you will need money for medicines, vet charges, labour salary, legal formalities, and for buying the ducks.You don’t need to invest much for duck food if you keep them in open areas as they will find their food by their own.
  • Promotion: – The local market is a good market opportunity, but if you have invested a lot of capital in your duck farming, then going for the international customer is a good idea. Exporting the duck products is an excellent way of getting a higher margin of profit.

Note: –

Trying something unconventional is always not a bad idea if done with proper planning and executes them accurately. So trying your luck in duck farming is a good trick to go out of the way and create your own name in the market which is a bit difficult with chicken farming.

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Try the Unconventional Way of Duck Farming - Small Business Idea
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Try the Unconventional Way of Duck Farming - Small Business Idea
trying your luck in duck farming is a good trick to go out of the way and create your own name in the market which is a bit difficult with chicken farming.
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