Desktop Publishing Business : Earn with Your Skill and Will

Do you have interest in publishing industry? If you have strong computer knowledge and skills in preparing various graphic materials, then you may consider desktop publishing business that goes with your skills and interest. Most interestingly, you can easily start this business from your home office; you need not to own a well-furnished store-front in a commercial business place. The all you need is to be well-versed in word processing or graphic design software.

The scope of the desktop publishing business is vast enough to get started as there is hardly any business that doesn’t use publishing documents like flyers, brochures, business cards, contract forms, catalogs etc. So if you are motivated and willing to learn the updates of the software and techniques, then the desktop publishing business suits you the best. Let’s find out the basics of starting a desktop publishing business from home.

What is a desktop publishing business?

Desktop publishing is commonly known as DTP. It is a sophisticated process of publishing graphic documents in page layout on your PC. You can self-publish a wide range of printed matters with desktop publishing software; it is a kind of digital typography.

The process is of utilizing specialized software like publishing software and high-resolution printer to collect, design and produce marketable quality printed product. DTP is usually cost effective only in much-specialized jobs like multi color network diagrams or in short print runs.

The special part of desktop publishing is that it allows you to check the end result exactly in your display as it will be when the document will be printed.

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Scope of desktop publishing business

Now a day’s companies have stopped hiring their own desktop publishers and there are very fewer job prospects, but don’t think that the demand has declined. In fact, it is the fastest growing business with a rising demand of skilled desktop publishers. In recent times, companies are now proffering to outsource the job to freelancers. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of desktop publishers will hike in the coming years. So if you have a good skill than there is a wide market opportunity waiting for you get captured.

Essentials to Start a Desktop Publishing Business

Like every other business, the main requirement to start a desktop publishing business is a wise motive, a hard working attitude and knowledge about the sector along with will to learn on a daily basis. Just honest application of these two will be enough to start your business, other nominal things that you will need are: –

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– We never discuss any of the business prospects which need a lump some amount of investment to start. If you have a particular skill, it is a great idea to start the business from home. You may just need about 40 k to 50 k to get the equipment and if you are already having then it will come down to 5k to 10 k.


– As you will be working from your home, just your messy study room will serve the purpose as an office as the maximum client will give you the jobs online. However you may even get local customers who may give you a visit, so try to arrange bunch of the CD’s and other items which are loitering around in the room properly.


– As it’s general that as it is a desktop publishing work, so you will need a desktop or a laptop. Get the latest version of the windows updated along with the graphics cards. You will also need a coloured printer along with net connectivity. Let’s find the details of the equipment: –

  1. Computer: – You will need a high capacity computer for the job. The cost of computers have declined a lot in the past few years, so rather going for the normal brands choose from IBM or Macintosh as the need of sophistication is very high. The monitor must be of high resolution and the configuration should be the latest one.
  2. Printer: – You will need a laser and color printer and a scanner. So get the best from the market if you are serious and involved enough to start a desktop publishing business at your home.
  3. Software: – You will need lots of updated desktop publishing software for the job and expertise to work on them. The list must include – Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for illustrating; Adobe Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint for image editing; Quark Express or Corel Ventura for page layout and typesetting. It is better to get the original version and you don’t need to buy all of them at once. Slowly as your work progresses and develops get the updated software.
    Don’t forget about the updated and original antivirus.
  4. High-speed net connectivity

Knowledge and experience:

– In addition to the skill designing and editing, you also need the skills and knowledge of software. It is very important that you have the knowledge and skill about the desktop publishing software you’ll be employing for your work.

How to Get Clients?

At first, you need to figure out the potential customers who may need publishing materials. From a small caterer in your place to a 5-Star hotel, both need a desktop publisher for their menus and catalogs or someone who wants to design their own website and even a writer who may need you design the cover of the book. So the best way to get the clients is:

Effective advertisement:

– There are various potential customers who even don’t know that they need a desktop publishing for their job. So it’s up to you to promote yourself about your work and expertise in such a way that the unknown also know about the offering you are providing.

So if you have the skill and will, you can easily set up a desktop publishing business in your study room and earn by working from home. Just need to use the skill properly and promote yourself in style.

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Desktop Publishing Business: Earn with Your Skill and Will
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