Designer Lace Making – An Attractive Textiles Designing Business

Designer lace making is a small-scale business which can be started at home with comparatively lower amount of capital. Lace is always been termed as a decorative element for fashion. Lace is a craft material that is used in garment or textile designing. In the earlier day’s lace were crafted by needles and hand. Designer lace making has many scopes in now-a-days fashion oriented market. Apart from the domestic market it can be exported too. Having knowledge about the thread and pattern any individual can initiate lace making business with a small infrastructure. The setup of a designer lace making business doesn’t cost much it only need a proper and plan with execution of willingness.

Designer Lace Making Business Startup Requirements

  1. Name your Company.
  2. Open a current account in Bank.
  3. Register your company with ROC.
  4. Apply for the trade license.
  5. Apply for the vat registration.

In initiating designer lace making business, you will first need to register your business. As small scale manufacturing unit you may register your business. As small scale manufacturing unit first of all register business and obtain Sales Tax Registration. One Current bank account for daily transaction has to be opened. The total investment both; money and time in Lace making business have satisfactory return, it depends on its’ market potentiality.

Market Potentiality of Designer Lace Making

Originally linen, silk, gold, or silver threads were used. Now lace is often made with cotton thread, although linen and silk threads are still available. Manufactured lace may be made of synthetic fiber. A few modern artists make lace with a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread. Now-a-days the people from around the globe are more fashion oriented then the earlier days. Today, especially the females are more fashion educated and hence they spend more time in deciding on their choices. Lace has been worn as a fashion enhancer since the 15th Century. Designer Lace making business has now the brightest scope in the fashion oriented market.

Designer Lace Making Machine

You can establish designer lace making business by two ways. One is by simply installing bobbin machine and another one is by installing fully computerized automatic designer lace making machine.  The bobbin machine offers a variety of roller patterns, straight cutting and edge cutting, two or more layers of fabric stitched, cut out various types of holes and treatment of side melting with and without burr.  By computerized automatic lace making machine, you can get the different variety of product with desired quantity output. The major supplies are threads, yarn, and different needles. Designer lace making is completely a customized setup in the automated machine case.

Lace making Raw Materials

The major supplies required are threads, yarn, and different needles. Designer lace making is completely a customized setup, one need to determine everything according to the specific product you want to produce. In starting designer lace making business you will also need to pay attention to packaging and storage.

Lace making

Lace is an open work fabric consisting of a network of yarns formed into intricate designs. Lace may be hand or machine made, and intricate patterns can be produced by either technique. Both narrow and wide lace fabrics are available. The edges of the fabric may be straight or curved. It is an important trimming, for it is used for table cloths, curtains, handkerchiefs, dresses, and underwear. Lace consists of two elements:

  • The pattern, flower, or group, which forms the closer-worked and more solid portion.
  • The ground or filling, which serves to hold the pattern together.

Uses of lace

Lace is a decorative fabric used in apparel and home furnishings. Narrow laces are used for trims and insertions; wide lace fabrics are used for curtains, table cloths, and garments. Laces are made in different widths for different uses. For example, a narrow lace with a scalloped edge is used for trimming a baby’s dress; a lace with slits or eye lets is so made that ribbon may be run through it. There are seven major uses of laces:

  • All-over laces:
  • Flouncing:
  • Galloon
  • Insertion:
  • Beading:
  • Edging:
  • Medallion:

Thus, designer lace making is a tradition business. And any individual can start it as a home based business with low startup capital. Lace is a craft material that used in textile or garment designing. Any individual can initiate designer lace making business with a small infrastructure. In addition, it is the one of the best opportunities for women and housewives also. However, you must have knowledge about the thread and pattern. It is however, always suggested to do a proper market research before venturing into any business. The biggest hindrance in the success of a business is the competition. But with proper strategies and planning, this can be easily tackled and take the business to be a successful one.

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