Designer Handcrafted Bag Making Business – Low-cost Business Idea

Ladies love to have a wide range of handbags. For some, it is a passion or hobby of collection designer handbags and some due to need. That is why the handcrafted bag making has got a huge market in both domestic and international market. Some also have the hobby of making handbags and if you are among them or want to start your own business then, business on handmade bags and purses are a lucrative option.

In this post, I am going to share ideas and steps on how you can use your hobby of making handcrafted bags for starting a successful home based business.

Handcrafted Bag Making Business: Required Skills and Creativity

The success of any handicraft business completely depends on the creativity of the person. Along with the creativity, you will also need to have the required skills and business acumen in the chosen business niche.

There are numerous designers selling ladies designer handbag around the world. So you need to have the talent to give a competition to the other business in comparison to both quality and price.

If you have the required skills to make attractive handmade bags and purses, then it is good news. This is the best job option for you to use your skill and hobby to earn money rather than just making bags for your relatives as they often pay or you sell them.

Handcrafted Bag Making Business Market Potentiality

Due to high-quality and durability & attractive designs, most of the handicraft goods have got a decent demand across the country and world. So, you can easily cash on the opportunity of the higher market demand.

Over that, in this festive time, the demand of ladies designer handbag also increases, thus, now it is the best opportunity to take quick decision and start your own handcrafted bag making business as festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and other occasions are line up in the coming few months. It will give a great boost at the beginning of your business.

Handcrafted Bag Making Business: Steps to Follow


: – The first and the basic step for starting any business is do a proper research about the selected business idea. Do a thorough research and find out about the: –

  • Market to sell the items
  • Required amount of capital
  • Legal formalities
  • Patent rights for new designs and others.

Create a business plan: –

A business plan allows you to summarize all the information from the research and prepare plans to operate the business in a successful way. A business plan also helps you to get financial assistance from the banks.

Legal Steps: –

You need to register your business with your local authorities. The steps will not include much-complicated ones. Take a proper legal assistance regarding how to take patent rights on your own created designs.

Tips to Operate the Business in a Successful Way

Starting any business is not a difficult task to do; it is to operate the same in a successful way. So, to turn your hobby of handcrafted bag making into a successful business venture, just follow some of the basic steps.

  • Sharpen your skills: – Even if you have the talent, it is suggested to join a crash or complete course to sharpen your skill of handcrafted bag making.
  • Bring Innovative ideas: – Innovation is always a kind of revolution, don’t be afraid to try something new every time. If it even fails, you will have a long list of relatives and friend to gift them.
  • Promote Effectively: – Social media is a great way to successfully promote any business without paying a single paisa. Just click some pictures of your creations and post them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.
  • Take Rights for your designs: – If you create something new, it is always suggested to take patent rights for that. You can earn more than your business with a successful idea by selling or renting your rights to any other branded ladies designer handbag manufacturing companies.

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How to Create Your Own Market

You can definitely sell your finished products to the wholesale markets near to you. They will buy in bulk and thus you don’t have to wait for clearing your stocks. But the profit margin will be much lesser when you sell them to distributors and wholesalers.

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Thus, there are two best ways to get direct customers and earn more profit: –

  • Open your own boutique: – Opening your boutique will enable you to showcase all your works and designs directly to the customers. Direct selling always brings more money and you can easily open the boutique at your home.
  • Sell Online: – Online marketing is the new trend, thus having an online presence is a great option for your business. This will give a- worldwide exposure to your work. Before creating your own website, you can sell your brand of product through online markets like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and others.

So, don’t waste your skill of handcrafted bag making by gifting them to your family and friends. Start a small scale home-based business and explore the life of being a self-employed.

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Designer Handcrafted Bag Making Business - Low-cost Business Idea
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Designer Handcrafted Bag Making Business - Low-cost Business Idea
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