Everything to Know about Chimney Sweep Business

Chimney sweep business is a nice idea to earn some extra money without a much of investment. You can do it by yourself or else employ workers to do the job for you and you take the orders. You also don’t need lots of equipment to start the chimney sweep business.

Pros and Cons of the business idea

The best part of the chimney sweep business is that it doesn’t have much competitor in the market and good organized services can fetch a good benefit, but the chimney is restricted to hill stations only where the temperature may dip much below.

Requirements to start a chimney sweep business

Training: – May be you are not the person who will go by yourself and clean the chimney but you need to have a thorough knowledge of the procedure and the best practices. It is not just like putting the brush and rub to clean. Even in chimney cleaning there is science, so you need to be having a good knowledge about the same. There are not much places where you will get the cleaning classes, you can refer through Google and research about the different procedures.


Nothing, yes you don’t need any office of a shop to start a chimney sweep business. You can do it from you house only, just a website mentioning the service offering will help.


If you are on your own then very little and if you hire labour for the work then you need to keep at least 6 months of his salary in hand. Some amount is also needed for advertisements.

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A set of chimney rods and a brush to screw on to one will be needed for the cleaning purpose and it will not cost you much. It works as drain rods. You will need enough of the rods to reach the top of any chimney, each one is 1 meter long, and so you will need at least 8 to 10 rods to clean any house chimneys and may sometime need more for taller buildings. You can attach the rods with each other to make it longer.

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You will also need a vacuum cleaner to clean the soot; the soot has all kind of chemicals which causes cancer so a good quality dust mask is also essential. And at last a ladders and a transport van will complete the list


You quality of work will be the best marketing tool, once you prove that you are the best in the business then the words will spread across. Try to be friendly with your behavior with some professionalism and see how your chimney sweep business prospers.

You can also create your own website and do a regular update on the same to get it enlisted in the top of the search engine. Modern digitalization has given lot of options to promote a business, you can also create an app about your business and release it in app store and even the traditional ways of advertising is also a good idea. Paint your van with attractive color and put the brand name and contact details in big formats so that people can notice while the van is on the move.


Insuring your vehicle and employees is a must in this business. Your employees may need to work in the roofs and in good height so taking proper care for any kind of mishaps is mandate. Insure your van also for any kind of road accidents etc.

Important tips run chimney sweep business in slag season

The work of chimney sweep will not be for 12 months as most of the families do the same during summer or during spring so to earn and keep the business running you need to make special plans like: –

Contractual Labor:

Don’t hire your labors for permanent basis as during off season you will not need them, either keep them on daily wages or contractual basis. You can keep on or two staffs as permanent but not all is needed.


As the summer will be a slag season with very less work, you can offer special discounts on chimney sweeps during this season and also can give some extra benefits.

You can also offers special discounts for your regular customers. This will keep you cash counter rolling.

Extra Services:

Chimney sweeping might involve various activities and clearing birds nest is one of them which block the chimney passage. Some customers may like to fit the cowl to stop this issue for futures, so always remember to keep few extra ones in your van, you can earn good amount from this


During the slag period you can also offer services like chimney inspection. With the help of the optic lights and miniature cameras you can survey every inch of the chimney to find cracks which is very dangerous for the inhabitants as carbon monoxide may enter rooms and poison them. So inspection is very much necessary and an important tool for you to earn.

So this business have both a high and low span but with little smartness you can keep the cash counter spinning all over the year and a nice business plan to start chimney sweep business from home.

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Everything to Know about Chimney Sweep Business
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Everything to Know about Chimney Sweep Business
Chimney sweep business is a nice idea to earn some extra money without a much of investment. You also don’t need lots of equipment to start the chimney sweep work.
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