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45 Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 15 Sep , 2017,
food business ideas with low investment

Food is the basic necessity of the life and now has also become a luxury in many cases. People around the world love to eat delicious food, due to which the there is a huge demand for food business ideas with low investment. It is very rare to find a food business failing to succeed if is operated in a proper way.

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Starting a Language School – Essential Points to Consider!

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 5 Sep , 2017,
starting a language school

Starting a language school is a great business idea to get a financially secured future. This business has a great demand in the market and also requires very less investment to begin with. So, if you want to have a future a bit different than the others who are continuously running in the daily rat race, then the idea of starting a starting a language school is a very attractive one.

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Why and How to Start an Adult Day Care Business

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 24 Aug , 2017,
Adult Day Care Business

If you have a plenty of free time on a regular basis and also have some empty place at your home, then you can give a thought on starting an adult day care business. This is a great way to do some social work along with making some money. The business of adult day care is similar to child day care; here you need to take care of the elderly person during the day time.

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Make Profit Starting a Business of PG Accommodation

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 21 Jul , 2017,
PG Accommodation

With so many lucrative businesses on offer, PG accommodation is one of the best businesses you may start by letting out your vacant rooms and earn monthly rental income. Most importantly, you don’t need any hefty amount of money to start this business. It is so simple…you can convert your vacant apartment or one or two floors of your house for paying guest accommodation. It has a very good earning potential especially if you are residing very near to college, universities or any other educational institutions. The student population and number of working personnel in various cities give a rise in this thriving business. Isn’t it a lucrative business idea….So continue reading this post and it will take a look at the business of paying guest accommodation.

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How Lottery Business is a Profitable Small Scale Business Idea?

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 18 Jul , 2017,
Lottery Business

Starting an individual business is a dream of millions as it provides an opportunity for unlimited earning along with the chance to be your own boss. But for successful operation of a business, it is very important that you select the best business niche as per your capability and skills. Starting a lottery business is a low cost and easy to setup business option in India. Due t its high demand, it also offers a huge market opportunity to have a successful run in the business.

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