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Become a Usability Tester and Make A Few Bucks from Home

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 24 Mar , 2017,
Become a Usability Tester

Looking forward to a nice paying part-time job? Then it’s high time to become a usability tester. You can make extra online income by critique a website from the perspective of a consumer or visitor of the site. We all think or rather can say ‘believe’ that a website developer is the man behind a successful running of a website and so all credit goes to him. But usability tester or website tester also plays an important role in the development of a more appealing and easy-to-navigate website.

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Become a Search Engine Evaluator and Make $12-$15 Per Hour

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 21 Mar , 2017,
Become a Search Engine Evaluator

You might have seen in many job sites that companies are looking for highly educated individuals for the positions of search engine evaluator. They are offering good pay rates also.  Do you know what actually the job is and how do they work? Let me explain…. Basically, a search engine evaluator job is one of the popular work from home options that gives you enough flexibility in working times as well as offers a good income. Moreover, it’s such a virtual position that involves zero phone work.

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Learn Everything about the Profession of Virtual Assistant

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 28 May , 2016,
Learn Everything about the Profession of Virtual Assistant

Dreaming of making a success with a career that allows you to work from home is now more possible than ever before. More and more people are turning towards the internet to provide better value to themselves and their families. The reason for this is simple – it’s because it really works. Offering virtual assistant services is one such model that can help you create a flexible job that allows you to make money and have more time for your family.

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Proofreading Jobs from Home: Basic Info to Get Started

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 8 Apr , 2016,
How to Get Proofreading Jobs from Home

Proofreading jobs from home could be a perfect choice for those individuals who take pleasure in reading and writing and also comfortable with spelling, grammar and punctuation. In fact, proofreaders are responsible for reviewing written copy that has been already edited. Then it has been sent to publication houses for final printing. Proofreaders will have a keen eye of details and ensure that every single piece of writing is clean, accurate and free from any grammatically errors.

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