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Salted Cashew Nuts Making Business – A Low Cost Business Idea

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu  On: 20 Sep , 2017,

The salted cashew nuts are a great option for snacks. It is widely used to satisfy the small hunger or to pass the time. The process of making salted cashews is very easy and can be easily started at home with a very less capital investment. So, if you are interested in starting a food processing business, then starting salted and roasted cashews making business is an attractive business proposal.

Why Select Salted Cashew Nuts Making Business?

Cashew nut is one of the most favorite nuts in the world due to its taste and high nutrition value. It is also the third most widely consumed nuts in the world. That is why; a business related to cashew nuts is definitely a lucrative option to begin your own career opportunity. Below are the few other reasons to select salted cashew nuts making business: –

Raw Material:

India is one of the leading producers of cashew nuts in the world. After Ivory Coast, India is the largest producer and exporter of cashew nuts in the world. This means you can get the quality raw material of the product at a cheap price.

Manufacturing Process:

The manufacturing procedure of roasted cashews is very simple and easy. You will not need any expertise skills to produce the same. You can easily set up the business and operate the same from your home.

Required Investment:

A good quality roaster and packaging material are all that you need to start the business. You only need to invest big to purchase the raw material.

Demand in Foreign Countries:

The cashew nuts have got a huge demand across the world. So, if you can produce quality products, then the probability is high that you get the chance to export the products. This means more profit and exposure of the business.

These are the few basic reasons that you should select the salted cashew nuts making business. However, there is one very important reason to start this business and that is the high return of profit.

Get 200 % Profit with Salted Cashew Nuts Making Business

Earning profit is the basic objective of starting any business and with roasted cashews making business you can earn up to 300 % of profit. How? Let’s find out: –

  • Price of Raw Cashew Nuts: – Rs 400 / Kg (approx)
  • Roasted cashews market price: – Rs 2000 / Kg (approx)
  • Manufacturing cost: – Rs 100 / Kg (approx)

So, the profit margin stands at Rs 1500 per kg. There will be some deduction of variable costs, but still, you will be able to get over 200 % as return on investment.

Requirements for Salted Cashew Nuts Making Business

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need skilled labor in the manufacturing process as it is very simple. The basic requirements for the manufacturing of roasted cashews are: –


You can start the business even at your home. But you need to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning of the place in regular interval. As salted cashew nuts making business is a food processing business, the legal guidelines for the same are very strict. It is however suggested that the selected location to start the business is well connected with the transport system and have adequate water and electricity supply.


You will need a good quality oven to bake the cashew nuts properly. The size and the capacity of the roaster will depend on the scale of the business you are going to start.

Raw Material:

Raw cashews are the basic raw materials required in the production process. Along with this, you will need herbs like rosemary or others as a taste enhancer and salt along with butter.

Packaging Material:

After the cashews are roasted and salted properly, you need to put the cashews in packets of desired quantities. The packaging material should contain the brand name and your company details.

Manufacturing Process:

 At first preheat the oven at the desired temperature, like to be 180 to 200 degree Celsius.  Roast the cashews in the oven for around 20 to 30 minutes. Ensure that you don’t burn the cashews.

This process of roasting produces a rich aroma and enhances the taste of the nuts. After baking, melt an adequate quantity of butter in the pan. Add the herbs like rosemary, salt and others and add the roasted nuts. Ensure that the nuts get a proper coating of the butter and the other mixtures are properly mixed with the nuts.

Extract the excess butter and let the nuts cool down Keep it in a covered place so that the aroma doesn’t go away. Add preservatives and pack the nuts in the packaging materials in the desired quantity.

Create Your Own Market

There is a huge market for the salted cashew nuts which is not restricted with our country birders. But you can create your own marketplace to sell your product also. Create your own website and sell salted cashew nuts through online markets. This is a great way to get a huge global exposure for your business.

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