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If you are bored from your daily 9 to 5 routine for the service or want to do something on your own and venture in some business which requires less capital investment, then this is the best place where you have landed now. In this site, you will get information about hundreds of business ideas which can be started from home or small scale business which includes minimum involvement of investment with a higher return of profit. Cartridge Refill Business is the topic that I am going to discuss now in this article and how this business can become the best business idea.

Cartridge refilling is an emerging business that helps other businesses or organizations to reduce the costs of buying new ink or toner cartridges for their empty printers, photo copiers and fax machines by refilling ink. It not only saves your client’s money, it indirectly saves our environment also as you know e-waste is hazardous and this is one of the major problems we are facing in our e-life.

Business Plan to Start a Cartridge Refill Business

Before starting any business it is very important to find out the demand and market potentiality of the business. Create a business plan about how the business works and detailed information about you competitors and about their way of working. Creating a business plan helps to know about all kind of pros and cons of the business and ways to make a backup plan.

Research: –

A thorough research about the business before starting is needed to find out the details of the job and whether it suits your skill and interest or not, Many business ideas look attractive at the beginning, but as time goes you lose interest in it which results in a complete failure. So doing service or business, if you enjoy the work you can succeed easily.

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Required Skills: –

For the cartridge refill business you need to have technical knowledge regarding different kind of printer cartridge, toner, ink etc. The printing cartridges come in different types, sizes and shapes and require different techniques to refill. You need to know the different ways of injecting ink in the various cartridges.

However, it is nothing to get disheartened about if you don’t have the sufficient knowledge about the same as it doesn’t take long time to learn the process. If you have few technical knowledge you can even learn the process in one day only. You can take assistance from experts or check the internet for the same.

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Register your Cartridge Refill Business:

You can start your refill toner cartridge business from your home only and don’t need to register if want to do it on a small scale. But to earn a higher profit you need to get contacts of bigger clients for which registration is mandatory. You need to have a corporate current account and trade license along with vat. It is not a difficult or complicated job. Just contact your local administrator and get the details about the same. It will not even cost you much for registering your cartridge refill business.

Create a Brand Name:

Give an attractive and stylish name to your services which must me short and easy to remember. Don’t forget to register your cartridge refill business with the brand name.

Get a Place for Office:

However, you can begin your cartridge refill business from you home only, but keep a space or plan for it for future expansion. Your office should near business districts or near computer hubs which will help you to attract more clients.

Get your Equipment:

You need to have few equipment and cartridge spare parts for running your cartridge refill business. The kits must include an air powered syringe, drill press, self-contained refill device for HP, air powered vises, custom made refill device for other specific cartridges, hot glue gum, adjustable wrench, vinyl electrical tape, labels and other stationery.

The most important stock that you should maintain is the ink and toner of various colors.

Arrange Capital:

Starting a cartridge refill business doesn’t require a huge amount of investment, however, if you want to open a shop in a good location, then you need to have a good capital in hand or else to operate the business from home, you can start with just 20 to 30 K.


As you will be setting up a new business of refill toner cartridge, so you need an extensive promotion for getting a good amount of clients. Use both old and traditional ways of promotion. Create your own website and put the details of kind of services you provide. You may need to personally visit few corporate offices to lure them with your services.

Pros and Cons of Cartridge Refill Business

Every business comes with both advantages and disadvantages and the person who can strike a perfect balance between the two gets the taste of the success.

Pros of Cartridge Refill Business: –

  • Easy to setup.
  • Low capital investment requirement.
  • Easy to learn the technical criteria of the business.
  • Can be operated from home.
  • Huge market potentiality
  • The business is Eco-friendly as reduces the number of cartridges in the landfills.

Cons of Cartridge Refill Business: –

  • Involvement of various kinds of equipment needed to buy for the job.
  • Need to strike the perfect chord in marketing strategies to get good customers.
  • Competition in the market.

As every business comes with both positive and negative sides, it’s important to make a good business plan for any setup. A thorough research about the cartridge refill business will help you to plan your future steps.

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Cartridge Refill Business - Profitable Home Based Business
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