Button Manufacturing Business – A Small Scale Business Idea

Small business ideas are the most favored ones by those who have less capital to start any business or don’t want to take a risk in the beginning. That is why I always bring you with the most attractive small investment business ideas which you can easily start with least investment and the button manufacturing business is the latest addition to my list.
Buttons are one of the primary requirements of the garment industry that is why the button manufacturing business has got a huge market potentiality to prosper even in this competitive market.

Things to Consider Before Starting Button Manufacturing Business

You need to consider a lot of things before starting any business. You need to make a list of queries that you have to get answers related to the business. This will help you to understand whether the chosen business is suitable for you or not.

The success of the different business depends on a lot of factors, so you need to research about every single factor and find out about the same. The few basic things that you may consider to check before starting the button manufacturing business are mentioned as below: –

Market Demand: –

It is a very important factor for the success of the business. You need to find out the potential market for the business you are going to start. Textile industries will be the major client of your button manufacturing business. If your selected place of starting the business has got different potential client base, then you can proceed with the idea.

Competition: –

You also need to find out the competition for the business you want to start. In today’s competitive market, every business has got huge competition. So, you need to check the type of competitor, their quality of provided services and rates and plan accordingly to make your business superior than others.

Pros and Cons: –

Every business idea comes with its own positives and negatives. A person gets success only when he can use the pros of the business for its growth and take necessary measures to cope with the cons. Thus, it is very important that you know the pros and cons of the business in depth and makes necessary measures accordingly.

Suppliers: –

You need to make contact with the best suppliers in the market who can provide you with the best service. You will need button maker machine for the production of the buttons along with raw materials to make them. So, before starting the business, find out the best suppliers who can provide you with the products in the most cost-effective way.

Required Capital: –

Capital is the basic need to start any business. You can start your button manufacturing business with a low investment, but still, there are few mandatory expenses like the cost of the equipment, raw materials, cost for promotion and marketing etc. So, you need to consider the required capital before starting the business. You can apply for the loan from the banks to get financial assistance, but still, you will need capital of your own to start the same.

Along with these, you also need to know the manufacturing process of the buttons to successfully run your button manufacturing business.

Required Machinery in Button Manufacturing Business

Plastic sheet cutting machine, drill machine along with check, designing/shaping machine, hole master machine, grinding machine, wooden polishing drum, designing cum-slotting machine, electric motor etc.

Manufacturing Process of the Buttons

Plastic buttons are the most common type of buttons manufactured by the button manufacturing business in today’s market. They are cheap and durable too. There are other materials like cow horns, glasses, etc which are also used in manufacturing buttons, but as they are expensive, that is why they are available in a very less quantity.
Button manufacturing by moulding and from plastic sheets are the two most common types of method used by the button manufacturing business. In the moudling process, urea formaldehyde which is a thermoset plastic is used as the raw material. The shapes of the button are given by using different moulds. The moulded plastic buttons are manufactured by using power press.

In case of plastic buttons manufacturing, acrylic and polyester plastic sheets are used as raw material. For the manufacturing of high-quality buttons, polyester plastic sheets are used. In this process, with the help of plastic sheet cutting machine, the acrylic sheets are cut into required pieces. Then round piece of the buttons is made with the help of drill machine and hallow mill cutter.

After that, the designing and shaping of the buttons are done with the designing machine. With the help of the designing machine, graphics designs are given to the buttons and at the end holes master machine is used to make 2 or 4 holes are made in the button.

You can start the button manufacturing business in a small space. You can use your empty room at your house to manufacture buttons. The machines are also portable and thus can be easily established in a small place also.

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Button Manufacturing Business - A Small Scale Business Idea
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Button Manufacturing Business - A Small Scale Business Idea
Buttons are one of the primary requirements of the garment industry. The few basic things that you may consider to check before starting the button manufacturing business.
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