Build Your Career in Freelance Resume Writing

Freelance resume writing is a lucrative career option for many who have flawless English writing skill and can approach people easily. You can also dive into this niche field as the service has a huge demand among the job-seekers, recruiting firm and staffing agencies. Due to the ongoing economic turmoil, the unemployment rate of the United States has reached to 4.7% in May 2016. There is a huge number of job cuts occurred in different sectors. Millions of people are actively hunting for jobs. The numbers of job opportunities have already been curtailed to a great extent and the competition for new and existing jobs is high also. These facts go in favor of the growing popularity of resume writing service.

The Nature of Freelance Resume Writing

It is true that prospective employer might get hundreds of resumes and he will probably pick out only a few resumes that catch his eye. As a professional resume writer, your duty is to design an eye-catching resume for your client that places him in the final list. A good resume is nothing but a brief history of someone’s accomplishments. Typically it includes no more than 300 words but highlight all the necessary information that employer mainly looks for. These are the contact information, educational qualification, skills and experience. A professional, well-written resume can make a difference in interview and opens the door to a job. Every applicant should have a well-written resume along with a cover letter to compete in the job interview. Unfortunately, there are a few people who know how to design resumes from the perspective of the employer. Here comes the brilliant prospect to establish you as a professional resume writer and earn a decent buck by meeting your client’s demand.

The Benefits of Freelance Resume Writing

You can start writing resumes on freelance basis if you write a good hand and previously have applied your skills in such activities. This is one of the best ways to start working from home and to have a more versatile schedule. When you are freelancing, it gives you the flexibility with a power over the time you engage in writing and the amount of money you make.

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Do you know freelancing is the best way to pursue a career like this? In fact, writing resumes is little bit different, involves more research time in comparison with other copy-writing tasks. Being a resume writer, you will need to talk with your client to know about his educational background , skills and experience in working field. You should spend some time to find out his objectives and carry out a research on the job market. Thereafter, you can start drafting his resume. It is not an easy task to design a couple of resumes in few hours. It takes lot of time to craft a resume, ensuring you have placed all the details that should have in a killer resume.

Necessary Skills

To kick-start in freelance resume writing, you must have a clear idea of different formats of resumes targeting for different job openings. For writing a wining resume, you must be able to collect the specifics from your clients and then organize them accurately. Always design it from the perspective of the employer, who usually sifts through the resume to have the details of the candidate. To start as freelance resume writer, you must

  • Have professional writing skill
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be well versed in English Grammar and spellings
  • Have reading and comprehension skills
  • Have editing and proofreading skills
  • Pay attention to details
  • Communicate well
  • Have the basic computer skills
  • Work independently

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What is the Average Remuneration?

There are two different payment modes available to freelance resume writers-hourly payment and fixed price. Fixed price projects already have a budget and you can place your bid in accordance with the budget. If you accept any fixed priced project, you can expect a payment ranging from $30 to $300 per resume, depending on the nature of the resume and the job industry. In hourly payment mode, you will be paid for every hour involving in the task. It may range from $5-$25 an hour. You can make an average of $50000 every year and it may vary based on your skills to communicate with others.

Finding Clients

There are various forums and online marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr offering lots of resume writing works. Social media is also helpful for getting potential clients. Another great way to find local clients is to visit your local coffee shops and placing flyers at the reception desk (with their permission). A lot of job seekers visit coffee shops to catch the latest vacancies in the newspaper – this is a golden opportunity for you to source some potential clients.

Be Successful in Freelance Resume Writing

High-Paying Writing Jobs From Home

While writing a resume, your goal is to portray your client’s achievements in such a way that attract the attention of the employer to take a closer look at him. Your writing would help him to land a job or switching to a new career. Obviously, you will be getting paid for the services you offered. Whenever you meet a new client, you are going to accept completely a new challenge. If you are a perfectionist, you will definitely enjoy writing resumes and take a plunge to accomplish that level of fame and recognition.

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Build Your Career in Freelance Resume Writing
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Build Your Career in Freelance Resume Writing
Freelance resume writing is a lucrative career option for many who have flawless English writing skill and can approach people easily
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