Broom Making Business – A Lucrative Small Scale Business Opportunity

If you are looking forward for a profitable but small scale business idea, then broom making is one of the options which deserve your attention. Brooms are used worldwide and it’s a common item to be found in household and offices. It has been in use to clean households or working places since a long time. There are two types of brooms available in the market- one is natural brooms made of vegetable fibers such as palmyra stalks, rice roots, stiff grasses etc attached to cylindrical handles. Many tribal families earn their livelihood by making brooms. The other is man –made brooms prepared with plastic bristles and metal handles. This gives the idea of the broom making business a great boost to be a successful one.

Importance of Research

Before commencing any business, it is very much necessary to do a thorough research about the same and find out the various aspect of the business. Every business ideas has its own pros and cons. Thus you need to have a clear idea of the same along with a proper planning to act. Over that there are various other factors also which needs your focus so that you can run the business in a smoother and profitable way. It is better to have idea about the hindrances that you are going to face before starting the business rather than facing those in real time. Below are the few things that you must include in your research before starting any business: –

Market Demand of Broom Making Business:

In India or in world, you are surely going to find a broom in at least 75 % of houses. Vacuum cleaners are one of the substitutes of the brooms, but still it has not able to affect the market of broom making. Brooms are cheap and easy to use, thus it has a great market demand in India.

Types of Brooms:

You will find a wide range of brooms in the market. Some are made up of plastics and some are from natural things. Different types of brooms are used for different uses, like you will find a broom for cleaning the inside of residence which will not be of much effective for cleaning more rough areas like roads and others. So, if you are going to start with the broom making business, you need to know about the different types and choose your niche accordingly.

Manufacturing Process:

In India, generally the broom making is hugely dependent on manual operation. Broomcom is the basic raw material use in the manufacturing process. Now days, you will get broom making machine for the manufacturing of broom. This is the best option to choose as the production cost is cheap and you can yield more production than the manual way. You will though need some manual assistance for the production even with the machine. The manufacturing procedure is not a difficult one, but you need to have skilled labors for the same.

Pros and Cons of Broom Making:

As mentioned earlier, every business idea comes with some advantages and disadvantages. So let’s find out about the same.


High Market Demand:

A broom never lasts for a long period. Thus you will get a consistently increasing demand of the same along with the growth of the population.

Small Scale Business:

Broom making is a small scale business idea and thus doesn’t require a huge amount of investment. If it is operated properly, it can fetch a great turnover.


Market Competition:

As brooms are in use since a long time, there are many other competitors which are in the broom making Being new in the business, it may be a difficult task to capture the market quickly. But if you can maintain a standard quality of production along with reasonable price, it will not be a difficult task.


There are various new inventions like vacuum cleaners, which are subsequent alternatives of brooms. Over that, now days you will find a great variety of brooms available in the market too. Natural raw materials are been replaced with artificial items like plastics and others.

Steps to Start the Broom Making Business

So, above are the few things that you need to work on before starting the broom making. Below are the steps which you need to follow for starting the business: –

Business Plan:

Prepare a well-designed business plan to start the business. A business plan should contain the details of the planning and steps which you need to take to start the business and run it successfully.

Capital Arrangement:

A well-crafted business plan will also help you to get financial assistant from banks. Although, the need of capital to start the broom making business is not high. Still you need liquid cash and saving for the purchase of machine, payment of labors, promotion of business and others.


For operating the business, permission from you local administrator is a must. You need to take license for starting the business. The procedure however, will not be a difficult one. You can easily register your broom making business if you follow the rule and regulations properly.


If you have enough space in your house, you can start the business at your home only. This will save a lot of investment for renting or buying a different place.


You need to spread the word in your nearby location and market about your entrance in the broom making Give ad in news paper and poster so that maximum of the people comes to known about your new business. Extensive and clever promotion is a best way to get maximum of customers.

So, these are the simple steps that you need to take and follow to start a successful broom making business. You can go through our website for other attractive small scale and profitable business ideas to build your individual career.

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Broom Making Business- A Lucrative Small Scale Business Opportunity
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Broom Making Business- A Lucrative Small Scale Business Opportunity
If you are looking forward for a profitable but small scale business idea, then broom making is one of the options which deserve your attention.
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