Body Piercing Business – Make Money with Your Skills

Looking for a business idea of different kind? Do you have skills and knowledge in piercing? Then body piercing business is an excellent idea to start your own business and stay alone from the competition. Actually, it is a form of beautification, done in our body by pricking a disposable needle or an earring stud. A piece of jewelry is worn in that opening. In our society, nose and ear piercing has been practiced by the females from ancient times. It is also observed in various forms by other race, caste, and creed all over the world. Nowadays, adults as well as teenage boys are also going for body piercing, giving the piercing business a huge market to prosper. If you are interested and have expertise in this field, then a new door for a successful business is about to open.

Market Potentiality of the Body Piercing Business

Piercing nose and ears of girls is a common thing in the Indian culture. Girls usually get their ears and nose pierced in a very small age only. But now, body piercing has become a fashion trend in both girls and boys. Over that it is also not restricted to only ears and nose. Different other body parts are now getting pierced. Eyebrows, lips, tongue, nostrils, belly-buttons etc are the most common parts to be pierced. This gives a great demand for the business of body piercing.

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It is a booming business idea which has a great potentiality to become a successful one. But there are many other aspects behind the success of the business and your individual skill is one of the most important of the same.

 Requirements for Starting a Body Piercing Business

Like any other business, body piercing also needs proper and thorough planning and research to commence. Moreover there are several other issues like health and safety precautions, cleanliness, liability and aftercare concerns etc and you have pay proper attention to be successful. Actually body piercing procedures may result some transmittable liver disease known as viral hepatitis.  Thus before opening your business, you should follow some basic steps and fulfill the requirements: –

  • Skills: Body piercing business is directly linked to the work on human body along and task involves using sharp things to pierce the skin and body parts. Thus you need to have high a level of expertise in the field. It is always suggested to join some practical workshop before starting the same. You also need to have proper knowledge about all kind of safety measures and sanitation process.
  • Business Plan: A business plan will play a vital role behind the success of your body piercing business. It will have all the steps to start the business and operate the same in a successful manner. The business plan will also help you to get financial assistance from banks.
  • Research about the Business: Every business needs thorough research before commencing the same. You need to find out about a lot of things like:-
  • The market opportunity of the business idea
  • The market competition
  • Is the location appropriate for the business?
  • Required legal procedures
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Offered price for the body piercing service and others

So after the completing the research, you can proceed for the setup of the business.

Selection of Location:

You can even start your piercing business at your home. This will save a huge investment for the purchase or renting of different locations. However, it is suggested to select the location after determining the competition in your location and other factors like market condition and others. Maximum of your customer base will be between the age of 18 to 30 and mostly female, so decide on the location after considering these factors.

Legal Procedures:

You need register your business as per the rules and regulations from the Indian Government. For the business of body piercing, you need to abide by many conditions and get several permits and license. I suggest you to consult with some professional advisor like any attorney or professionals to know more about the proceedings. You may also need to take permission from your local health inspector for starting the business.

Marketing of the Business:

This is the era of the internet thus it is the most effective way to get in touch with a mass of customers very easily. You can use this advantage of advance technology to promote your business. Digital marketing is a great modern age technology to promote your business idea. Create your own website to have presence in the online market and you can also use social media for promoting your business within your network and that is also in free of cost.

Traditional ways of marketing is also very effective in promoting your business. Put posters all over your location and give ads in news papers. You can print leaflets and brochures including the information about service provided, price, contact details of your body piercing shop. Start distributing them in boutiques, bath and body shops, beauty clinics nearest to your location. You need to have a good marketing plan for the success of your business. You can’t spend a huge amount and even can’t ignore the same. So, consulting a professional is the best thing.

So these are the steps and requirements that you need to take to start your body piercing business. This is a small scale business idea which has a great potential to give you a successful career opportunity.

If you want to check on more small scale or other beauty related business ideas, you can explore through this website and I am sure you will definitely find the best business idea suiting your needs.

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Body Piercing Business-Make Money with Your Skills
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Body Piercing Business-Make Money with Your Skills
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