Blouse Hook Making- A Cool Small Scale Business Idea

Do you know blouse hook making is a low-cost business and can also be started from your home? If you are in search of low investment small business idea, then you should continue reading this post. You know blouse hook is a widely used item in the clothing industry. From garment manufacturers to wholesaler and dressmaker, they all use this item to give a perfect finishing in the kids and ladies wear. Moreover, blouse hooks are easily available in the general stores and also at wholesale price.

Naturally, the continuous demand of blouse hook throughout the year makes the business booming. Most importantly, it requires very less investment to set up the business and is easy to operate too. The return of profit might be a bit low at the beginning in small scale business, but if it can be operated sincerely, you can easily grow the business idea of blouse hook making into a profitable venture.

Why Choose Blouse Hook Making Business

An individual should select a business idea after considering various factors. Like for doing a job, a person looks at various things like the pay package, the company’s goodwill in the market, type of job and others, likewise, while selecting a business idea, you also need to focus on different things. Below are the few advantages of choosing blouse hook making business: –

Market Potentiality:

Before choosing any business, the first thing that needs to be considered is the demand of the product in the market. The blouse hooks is one of the most common tailoring item which is required in blouse, different dresses for children and in other clothes. Thus, there is a stable and high demand of the blouse hooks in the market.

Required Skills:

Your educational qualification will not play an important role to start and run this business. Anyone with the basic business skills can easily run the business and you need not have to possess any kind of high level technical skills to run the business. The manufacturing process is also easy as the maximum part of the job is done by the blouse hook making machine.

Required Capital:

Being a small scale business, you will need a very less capital to start a blouse hook making You can easily start and operate the business with a minimum capital of Rs 1.5 to 2 Lacs.


You can easily start the business from your home. It will save a lot of investment for renting or leasing a different place. Along with that, you can also take help of your family members in the operation of the business. Home-based business also gives opportunity to the housewives and retired personnel to work from home along with managing the home.

These are the basic advantages of going for the blouse hook making business. But along with the different advantages, it also has its own disadvantages too. So, it is always suggested to conduct a proper and thorough research about the business before starting the same. A research helps to find out the various factors of the business and aids in making plans to operate the business in a successful way.

Manufacturing Process of Blouse Hooks

As I said earlier, the blouse hook making process is a simple one. You don’t have to attend any training or courses to learn the same. You can easily know about the process with the help of your research.

Raw Materials:

The basic raw material is the copper or stainless steel wire. The quality of the wire will depend on the market demand and the demand from the client. Normally, it is of 20-21 gauge iron or stainless steel wire. The other materials are chemicals for polishing the hooks and the plastic pouches for packaging.


An automatic blouse hook making machine will cost you around Rs 1.5 lacks. It will produce 110 to 120 pieces per minute. You can also go for high-speed machine which are equipped with auto feeding option along with straightening device and auto stop option in case of any kind of fault. Select the machinery according to your scale of business.

Manufacturing Process:

As told earlier, the process of blouse hook making is very simple. You just need to put the wire in the roller of the machine and turn it on. The hooks will automatically be prepared.


Thus, after the hooks are manufactured, pack those items in plastic packages in desired quantity. You may have the name of your brand imprinted in the packaging material. This will increase the brand awareness among the users of your product.

Steps to Start the Blouse Hook Making Business

Take License:

You need to apply for trade license and obtain VAT registration and pan card from your local authority. You also need to open a current account in the local bank for daily cash transaction.

Arrangement of Capital:

If you don’t have enough capital, you can take loan from different financial institutes.

Find Customers:

Large scale clothes manufacturers and tailoring shops are the important customer base of the blouse hook making Get proper contacts of these customers and try to build a relationship with them. Local stationary and grocery shops are also potential customers of this business.

A proper promotion of the business and a good relation in the market is all that you need for the success of the blouse hook making business. You can also start this business as a part-time option along with your existing business or service to add up to your income.

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Blouse Hook Making- A Cool Small Scale Business Idea
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Blouse Hook Making- A Cool Small Scale Business Idea
Blouse hook making is a low-cost small scale business opportunity. Learn the basics of starting a blouse hook making business and make it profitable.
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