Bleaching Powder Production – A Low Cost Manufacturing Business

I always try to bring you with the best small-scale or home-based business ideas which can be easily started with least investment. Thus, bleaching powder production is one of the small-scale manufacturing business idea which is has got a huge scope of success in our market. So, if you want to lead a different life other than doing the usual 9 to 5 duties, then starting a business of bleaching powder production is a great option.

Market Potentiality of Bleaching Powder Production Business

The bleaching powder is one of the widely used materials as disinfectant. It has also got a huge demand as a bleaching agent. The textile industry, paper industry along with the oil industries are the major consumers of bleaching powders. The chemical industries are also among the major consumers of this product. Other then the use as a bleaching agent and a disinfectant, it is also used in the preparation of chloroform.

Thus, with these, you can easily understand that the market potentiality of the bleaching powder production business. Thus, this is a lucrative business opportunity to the ambitious people.

Different Usages of Bleaching Powder

From chemical factories to general households, bleaching powder has got a wide range of usages. It is easily available in the market and has got a huge demand. The general usage of the same includes: –

1. Disinfectant: –

Bleaching powder is used widely as a disinfectant in across the world. It helps to get rid of germs and bacteria along with different kind of insects too.

2. Sterilizing: –

Bleaching powder has a highly sterilizing property. It is also used to sterilize baby products like toys and others.

3. Cleaning: –

It is highly effective in the cleaning of inside and outside of the home. It can easily remove molds and stains from the floor.

4. Production of glassware and Porcelain Sparkle: –

The bleaching powder comes to a great aid in providing sparkle to the glass and porcelain. Mixing a small amount of the same with the dishwater can give amazingly clean and sparkling look.

5. Gardening: –

It is also used in the gardens to stop the growth of algae and moss in your garden. It also helps to get rid of different kind of insects from your plants.

Bleaching Powder Manufacturing Process

Before starting any kind of manufacturing business, it is very important to know about the manufacturing process in details along with the required machinery and the raw materials. The details are ass below: –

    • Required Machinery: –
    • Chlorinator with separator, agitator
    • Reduction gearbox
    • Slip ring motor
    • Chain & pulley block
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Lime storage tank
    • Water pump
    • Vacuum pump with motor

Raw Materials: –

Chlorine and high-grade lime are the two major raw materials required for the production of the bleaching powder. Chlorine is produced as a by-product during the process of electrolysis of brine and lime is processed with chlorine. The lime needs to be free of hydrogen as it may lead to an explosion in the reaction chamber.

The quality of the lime used in the production is very important. The lime with CaO of around 95% is generally used in the bleaching powder preparation.

There are two different ways for bleaching powder production, one is Krebbs Beckman Process and the other is Hasen Clever Process. The Later one is the widely used process in bleaching powder production. In this, there are cast iron cylinders operating in series with hydrated lime. You need to feed the chlorine counter current with each other. The cylinders have got rotating blades which works ass both mixers and conveyors.

The Hydrated lime is charged at the end of the cylinder in its topmost end and the chlorine is introduced at bottom of the cylinder. With the rotating blades, the chlorine and the lime go through an intimate mixing.

So, this is the basic idea on the manufacturing process of the bleaching powder. However, it is suggested to get practical knowledge in the manufacturing process of the bleaching powder. If you don’t have the experience in the production process, then you need to have skilled labors for the same along with highly-skilled supervisors.

Registration Process

This is one of the complicated steps in the bleaching powder production business. You need to obtain a different kind of permission and license from different departments like: –

      • Registration of the company
      • Trade License
      • Factory License
      • NOC from the Pollution Control Board
      • VAT regsistration
      • Udyog Aadhaar MSME Registration
      • BIS Registration

Arrangement of Capital

In this business, the main investment requires for the plant and machinery. You can apply for the loan service from the bank. You can prepare a business plan to get financial assistance from the banks or need to take a mortgage loan. The business loan is available to a certain amount without the need to submit any kind of collateral.

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Bleaching Powder Production – A Low Cost Manufacturing Business
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Bleaching Powder Production – A Low Cost Manufacturing Business
Interested in starting a bleaching powder production business? Find out everything you need to know about bleaching powder preparation business.
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