Bird Farming Business | A Proven Home Business Idea

Thinking of starting a bird farming business? If you are absolutely passionate about birds and enjoy the time being with them, then this business suits you the most and gives high return on minimum overhead expenses. Farming pet birds is not only the means of supplementing income but really an enjoyable option that fades away our mental as well as physical tiredness and makes you fresh and relieved. For the true bird-lovers, it is not a much difficult or hardworking job. Moreover, it is possible to raise them in your backyard with little knowledge and nursing. In spite of the harsh economic condition, bird farming business has never seen a downfall since there is a continuous demand of these winged creatures.

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Pros and Cons of Bird Farming Business

Before starting any kind of business you need to strategically consider all kind of advantages and disadvantages of the same as every opportunity comes with both positive and negative sides and the bird farming business is of no exception. Let’s find out the ins and outs of this business.

Pros: –

  • It doesn’t require huge capital to invest at the beginning.
  • You can start farming birds in a small location or place also and even at your home like in your roof with some proper shedding or in your garage or store rooms.
  • There are very small expenses in foods of birds.
  • Good quality birds can fetch more than you expect.
  • Doesn’t require much time and energy for the maintenance of the same.


  • Birds are luxury items and are preferred mostly by rich people.
  • Will not get a uniform demand for the same.
  • Birds are very sensitive in nature and need special attention and care when falling ill.
  • If proper medication of precautionary steps is not been taken, any single diseased bird can kill all from the lot.
  • Most demanded and popular birds are expensive to buy also.

Market Potential of Bird Farming Business

Expensive birds like Macaw and others are of least demand, but they fetch a huge margin of profits. So for a good market, you need to study the demand of the species of birds in details. Places like Hyderabad, Lucknow and others have great demand for good species of pigeons and talking Mayna or Parrots are favorites’ in all places. So the market potentiality depends on the area of the operation. So a proper business planning and survey is essential for raising birds for profit.

You also have a great advantage of selling your birds online, which is a very attractive option to get lots of customers.

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Different Types of Birds Breeding

It is usual that, unlike other pet animals, you can’t keep your birds in open areas and you need proper cages for the same. You can keep the birds in two types of cages for breeding: –

Colony Breeding: –

In this, you can keep more than a pair of birds in a single cage. You can decide the size of the cage as per the count of birds you will be keeping and vice a verse. You don’t need much investment in these types of birds breeding and it is less time consuming in caring and maintenance as it is a single cage you need to focus on.

There are other advantages also for the bird like as the cage will be comparatively bigger and the birds gets a good amount of companion, there are fewer chances of them gaining fat due to the much playing and flying. But it also comes with a big disadvantage which is high mortality rate due to a fight between the birds.

Separate Pair Breeding: –

Here you keep a single pair in one cage for breeding which gives a low mortality rate as there are no chances of fight between different birds. The fertility of eggs also increases and chicks can also grow in good health as you can manually provide good care and treatment to them. But as usual, it also has its own disadvantages like the cages in separate pair breeding for bird farming business are smaller in size and thus due to less amount of flight area and playing they gain fat and they retire from breeding quickly. Egg blocking is another issue and even may cause the death of female if not treated at the correct time.

How to Start Bird Farming Business

As you are now pretty aware of how to farm birds, so let’s find out the required steps to start a bird farming business.

Step 1: Planning

The bird framing business is not a big thing, but you can make it big as there is not much competition in the market. However, like other pets, the demand of birds is not uniform. So you need to do a proper research about the business before commencing.

Step 2: Legal Formalities

For a small scale business, you will not need to follow many legal formalities for bird farming business, but if you want to make it big, contact your nearby administrator office and get the information about the required procedures.

Step 3: Capital

The amount of the capital will depend on how big you want to start your bird farming business. You can even start with just 20,000 or with 1 lakh or more also.

Step 4:  Find Customers

It is difficult to get direct customers in the pet business, so keep a regular contact with the vet stores and try getting customers online as it will fetch much profit.

Here are the details information’s about how to start your bird farming business, so if you love birds and want to make some money with the passion, then it’s a great idea as it is always good to work where you love the job.

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Bird Farming Business | A Proven Home Business Idea
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Bird Farming Business | A Proven Home Business Idea
Bird farming business is a rewarding one that doesn’t demand huge startup capital and high-powered knowledge. Find out the necessary details for profit.
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