Bindi Making Business – Earn Generous Amount from Your Home

Can you imagine “bindi” not only makes women attractive but builds up a steady source of income? The tradition of applying kumkum in the forehead by the girls and women are being substituted by the modern bindis. In fact, bindi is a must-have cosmetic item in the dressing tables of Indian women. The popularity and demand of this item gives a great boost to the bindi making business. Over that bindi making process is a simpler one along with good market opportunity. The demand of bindi has increased a lot since it became a fashion and used by young girls too.

So, if you are thinking of doing something on your own to indulge your creativity mind and become your own boss, you can give a thought about bindi making business. It’s a great option to start an individual career that involves little startup capital but gives a good return.

Market Demand of Bindi Making Business

Bindis are always on the grocery list of almost all of the married Indian women and many young girls too. So the idea of this business is a nice option to begin your individual career and be your own boss. There is another factor which impacts the demand of bindi in the market and that is the price. You can get dozens of attractive bindi at a very small cost, so people doesn’t really think about the money before buying the bindis, what they look is a good quality product with attractive features.

Best Part: Small Scale Home Based Bindi Making Business

Home is one of the safest places for everyone and surely it is one of the best options to start a business there, so rather than renting and buying a different place for starting the business, it is always nice to use your own place to save on the rents. There are over one million people running a business from home.

Starting a business from home has a great many advantages like:

  • You can save a lot of amount of investment for the buying and rent a different place.
  • Family members are always there to lend a hand for the need of the business. You may also use any of the family members for helping in the business instead of hiring anyone from outside as family member will be more trustworthy and the money will also stay at the home.
  • There will be very least amount of government restrictions to setup a bindi making business from home.
  • If you can plan your work accordingly, you can spend more time with your family.

But the greatest disadvantage of starting a business at your home is about managing the time. You need to strike a perfect balance of time between your business and family. Over that, you also need to find out about the laws and regulations about starting a bindi making business from home.

Steps to Start a Bindi Making Business

Starting with an idea of a business is an easy task, but it needs a lot of extensive planning and research and a perfect execution of the same to start a business. So below are the few important steps that you should follow for starting the business: –

Business Plan: Creating the best business plan is one of the most important steps to having a successful business and also the most neglected one. Your planning for the business should start way before commencing the same. A perfect business plan plays a great role in the success of the business as it contains all kind of planning to have a successful run of the business. It also helps in getting financial assistance from the banks as business loans.

Research: Conduct an extensive research about the business in the market. Think yourself as a special agent or spy and try to find every possible detail from the competitors like how they are running the business, what kind of strategies they are using and much more. It may take time, but it will help you to adapt to the best ways to run the business and avoid the mistakes done by others.

 Know the Process of Bindi Making: – The bindi making process is the simplest one. Velvet cloth is the main raw material of the business which is pasted with adhesive on the other side. With the modernization of the bindi, there are various other components which are used nowadays like different color and design of stones and others to decorate the bindi.

The process of binding making is to first get a god quality clothes and gumming and pasting on the back side of the same, then the adhesive needs to be passed through the hot air chamber to dry the adhesive. After that, the clothes need to be put on the dies to give it the desired shape by cutting it. And then you will need packaging materials to pack the products as the clients need.

Bindi Manufacturing Machine: The complete process can be done with the help of different bindi making machine like: –

  • Bindi printing machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Adhesive coating machine
  • Drying machine
  • Punching machine
  • Dies, some hand tools, electrical motors and others.

Know the Quality Standard: The quality of the bindi will depend on the requirement of the client, however; the clothes and the used gum should be of good quality to suit the skin of the users. If the bindis from your brand cause any kind of skin related issue then it will lead to a great effect on your products’ goodwill. So always use high quality materials.

A good quality product easily gets access to the market and the demand also increases steadily. Give a proper brand name to your product and take special care about the quality and price of the product to have a successful bindi making business.

So, this is one of the best small scale business idea that you can start from your home with little investment and if you want to check for more small scale business options you can check different other categories of this blog and I am sure will find the perfect business niche.

Project Cost (Value in Indian Rupees)


a. Capital Expenditure
Land & building Shed 300 Sq. Ft200000
b. Equipment
Storage tank, Filtering unit, Boiling kettle with stirrer, cap sealing machine150000
Total capital expenditure350000
Working capital100000
Total project cost450000


Estimated Annual Production of Bindi (Value in Indian Rupees)




Raw Materials & Other Expenditure (Value in Rupees)


Raw Materials200000
Labels and Packaging materials50000
Wages( Skilled & unskilled)100000
Administrative Expenses10000
Miscellaneous expenses5000
Loan Interest50000

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Bindi Making Business- Earn Generous Amount from Your Home
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Bindi Making Business- Earn Generous Amount from Your Home
Start bindi making business with low startup capial and enjoy a good return. Find out what it needs to make the business profitable.
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