Help Your Community Becoming a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakerBecoming a motivational speaker isn’t everybody’s cup of tea; a person who has uncommon life experience, conquered any fatal disease or have followed a unique way of life may become a motivational speaker. The profession demands profound knowledge and experience in one’s own field. In fact, he should be skilled enough to motivate his audience combating with adverse situations, help them to channel their inner strengths. During motivational speaking, his primary goal is to inspire as many as people as he can out of his audience. It takes lots of dedication and preparation to be able to talk in front of a group of people normally, let alone motivate them.

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Being an expert in his field, a motivational speaker must know what types of words to say. Say, one who has specialized knowledge to speak on a specific topic like drug abuse, sexual harassment in adolescence etc is comfortable with teenagers and high school students. So, he has enough experience to influence the students to recover soon and move further in the way of their lives. Becoming a motivational student for high schools gives a feel of satisfaction yet is a big challenge because many teens are still learning how they should live their lives. If you get the chance to give them tips while they are young, it might be early enough for them to stop making life long mistakes.

Do you have interest in becoming a motivation speaker?

Do you have the commendable communication skills? Great!! You are on a step ahead to achieve your goal. You can help others with ease by motivating them with your deliberate speeches and presentations. You can’t reach to all but can spread your adventurous life stories or experience to a certain group of people who are going through the same phase. No doubt it’s a great career with some unique shades. Being a motivational speaker, you can let others think differently and helps them to find a better standard of living.

Becoming a successful motivational speaker is bit different than that of other profession as its success depends upon several factors like selection of the niche and its popular topics, the way you deliver your speeches and make presentations to the audience and lastly your experience in related field matter a lot. The field is highly rewarding though you have to learn the particulars of this field before getting started.

Step1: Evaluate Your Skills and Experience

motivational speakingThis is the very first step you should consider with attention to get prepared for this career. You’ll need not to have vast academics or attain a specific degree or training program. What you will need to do is to assess your education and experience. This is somewhat essential as you are going to stimulate your audience by explaining your own educational and professional achievements. You may prepare lists of your skills, knowledge and perspectives. Though you are an expert on a specific subject, you still need to continue your research work or discussion with other professionals to develop your knowledge base in your field.

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Step2: Determine a Specific Subject Matter

You should find out a niche depending on your academics and work experience. Determining a specific subject matter is very important as it will guide you in the right direction when you deliver speeches in front of your audience. You should have expertise and experience to speak on a specific niche. Your educational background, few specific skill-set, earning degrees and on-the-job experience support you to be a proficient in this field. You may find some other ways to continue expanding your knowledge in your field.
In this profession, you need to study motivation psychology as it plays an important role in moving your audience. There are some psychological techniques with which you will be able to stimulate them to move in their life.

Step3: Build Up Your Public Speaking Skills

During motivational speaking, you will deliver speeches in front of your audience and you need to interact with .For this, you should grow your public speaking skills to a certain level. You can do it by taking formal classes of that subject. Otherwise you may enrol with public speaking courses. It would really help you to learn how to craft and deliver persuasive speeches, what would be your body language and how to use technology in presentation- the all minute details related your motivational speaking.

There are various organizations offering such courses that will teach you what words or phrases to say, or explain what really will grab the audience’s attention. These classes will also teach you different things to say for different audience ages. For example, speaking to a group of high school student will take a lot more effort to engage them in the speech, while a group of mature adults or growing kids could be easy. For kids, it can be easy because they love playing games, so if you can manage to interpret a game into you speech, you might be able to grab their attention and actually teach them something they will need throughout life.

Step4: Grow Speaking Experience

Once you have completed research over the subject matter you choose already and then develop your public speaking skills, start talking! You will never truly gain real-world experience unless you go out and start speaking. As you are fresher in the field of motivational speaking, you have zero experience and hence you may start volunteering at schools, charities or local events. In addition, if you can prove yourself as a professional then your name will spread and you will be invited by various events to come in and speak.

Step5: Get Certification in Motivational Speaking

You can join a voluntary certification program in order to prove your credibility as well as to increase your acceptance by the job industry. Though it is not mandatory but will open up even more job opportunities for you. There are quite a few organizations offering various types of certification programs in public speaking. If you attend any such program, you have to complete training classes and make some presentations to become certified.
The NSA designs a certification program known as Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) for their members. Members with a minimum experience of three years are eligible for this certification.

Step6: Promote Yourself as a Motivational Speaker

Now you are ready to start working in your field. At this stage, you’ll need to promote yourself so that you can get hired by businesses, schools and other organizations or been asked to deliver speeches. The best way is to write books and articles. You may start publishing speeches on your own blog and it might be an effective means of promotion.


At the end, becoming a motivational speaker is a great way to help your community. You can really change people’s lives if they are going through a tough time. Plus, it can even make you feel like a great person knowing that you possibly changed someone’s life.

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