Become a Usability Tester and Make A Few Bucks from Home

Looking forward to a nice paying part-time job? Then it’s high time to become a usability tester. You can make extra online income by critique a website from the perspective of a consumer or visitor of the site. We all think or rather can say ‘believe’ that a website developer is the man behind a successful running of a website and so all credit goes to him. But usability tester or website tester also plays an important role in the development of a more appealing and easy-to-navigate website.

So, if you are skilled enough, you’ll be picking by the various companies and get paid to test websites. You can earn up to 12 to 15 USD per hour but the amount may vary depending on the company and the nature of work. Website usability testing is not only a great option to earn few extra bucks just by sitting at home but can be a consistent source of income with little effort.

What is the Job of a Usability Tester

There are billions of websites that get launched every now and then. It is very important for the company of the website to check how much the website is user-friendly and is it working properly or not? As a usability tester, your job will be to check the live status of the website and share your feedback about its performance.

A usability tester plays a great role in the proper functioning of a website as the feedback will be completely unbiased and company can do the necessary changes to make it more effective on the basis of the report submitted by you.

Required Skills to become a Usability Tester

To become a usability tester, the required credentials are very low. You don’t need to be highly qualified for that. Below are the few required skills that need to be fulfilled.

  • You need to have a computer along with web camera and headset. You need to be computer savvy and have the idea and practice of surfing different websites.
  • Should have the skill of giving useful feedbacks regarding the work.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age.
  • Need to have a high speed broadband connection.
  • Good communication skill and writing skill is necessary.
  • You may need to take sample test for the company you will be working for.

Pros and Cons about the Job to Become a Usability Tester

It sounds very nice to know about a work which can fetch you extra money by just sitting at home. But every time it doesn’t looks as attractive as it seems to be. Every job has its own pros and cons and this one also have few.


Home Based:

You can easily work from home and earn some extra income. Just imagine that you can just wake up from home and earn few dollars in few hours and again start your household activities.

No Investment:

You just need to have a computer along with a web camera and headset with high speed broadband connection. You don’t have to invest in anything else other than this.


Doing a service or business and want to add some extra bucks to your account, become a usability tester and get the opportunity to earn by sitting at home.

Cons: –


As it is an attractive job with an easy option to earn, the amount of competition is very high. You need to work very hard to get good pay and continuous job for the same.


The package as a website tester is not fixed. You can get job with a package of 12 to 15 USD per hour and even 3 USD.

Time Management:

Doing a home based work has one of the greatest drawbacks that is the time management. You need to learn to strike a perfect balance between your personal and professional life.

So, there are the few advantages and disadvantages of the job. You can do a further analysis of the same and find out more about the same. But the best part is that, as it doesn’t involve any investment and high skills, it does worth to give a try.

Different Companies Which Hires Website Testers

It is quite a difficult task to find genuine websites which gives proper job and payment. For that reason I am mentioning few of the best websites which are best for the job to become a usability tester: – It pays around 10 USD per test which takes approximate 15 to 20 minutes and pays twice weekly. – The range of pay varies from $3 to $10 per job and $15 per mobile test. The work duration varies from 5 to 20 minutes and they pay within a week of the completion of the work. – It pays on monthly basis but the pay scale is on variable basis. – It pays $10 per work and pays on weekly basis. – It pays $10 per work and pays on every two weeks via PayPal. It requires you to have webcam and microphone.

These are the few websites which are the best in the business of website usability testing and provide the best pay package. So if you are willing to become usability tester, prepare your time schedule accordingly and pocket some extra easy money.

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Become a Usability Tester and Make A Few Bucks from Home
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Become a Usability Tester and Make A Few Bucks from Home
Want to make extra income from home? Become a usability tester and get paid for testing websites. Find out the fine points of this exciting opportunity.
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