Have Dancing Skills? Become a Dance Teacher and Earn From Home

Dance in India has a great connection with our culture and religious. As per mythology the art of dancing was crafted by Lord Brahma and acted by Lord Shiva. Both from traditional to modern dance there are numerous forms of dance which are practiced in India and there is plenty of dance school available to teach the art of dancing.

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The skill of dancing can also be uses as a career opportunity. The people who are highly skilled in dancing can become a dance teacher in both public and private schools with lucrative incentive and can even start their own dance school. Starting a dance class is also a great opportunity to work from home for people like retired persons, house wives and the professional dancers can definitely increase their popularity with this.

The Inceptive Stage for become a dance teacher

To become an adroit dancer, the spadework needs to be started from early stage like from the age of 4 to 5 years. To become an eminent dance teacher, at first you need to be a proficient students. To be a skilled dancer, one need to enjoy the art of dance as, in case of art you will never success if you do it without your heart in it.

The Intermediate Stage

It is necessary to choose the correct dance form as per the interest of the student. You cannot force bhartanatyam to someone who is interested in modern dance forms. Let the student choose as they will be matured enough at the age between 12 to 15 years to select the form of dance.

At the growing age, dance plays a vital role in the growth of the children. It includes lot of physical exercise which helps to build and grow the muscle and bones along with keep the anatomy in perfect condition. Dancing helps in both mental and physical growth. It increases muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness; it improves the condition of your heart and lungs and increases physical confidence with improved mental functioning.

The Advance Stage

Like our academics, dance classes also have graduation and master degrees with the option of PhD. These degrees are very essential to become a dance teacher and even for starting private schools. These degrees also help in setting up a personal dance school.

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Career Opportunities

Like studies, dance also needs complete dedication and also offers a great career opportunity in future like: –

Choreographer: –

The lovely dance moves that we see in any of the functions or in the movies are the outcome of the hard work of choreographers. The choreographers establish the sequence of moves of the dance co relating with the music. Films, television, stage shows etc are the famous working areas of choreographers. They need to be very creative in nature and have the ability to feel the dance with the music.

Teacher: –

Different educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities etc offer dance classes to the students and to become a dance teacher in this sectors, there is a high need of both practical and theoretical knowledge of dance. They can even work as a teacher in private dance classes for kids. Remember, we used to go for private tuition for math; likewise there are many private institutions that provide dance classes.

Private School:

– A teacher with strong hold in dancing skill can even start their own private dance school and teach the art of dancing to the interested students. This is the most lucrative opportunity to earn from home.

How to Start a Dance Class?

Like other options, starting a dance classes for kids is a brilliant way to utilize the skill in teaching the students and earn money. Working people can also start a dance class in their free time.

The Process and Needs to become a dance teacher

Any person with a high skill and experience in dance can start a private dance school. This is a great opportunity to utilize the skill to earn and also establish a name in the sector. Working people can start a dance class in their free times and retired and professionals can spend a full time in this.

Skills Needs to become a dance teacher

: – Before starting a dance class, you need to have a good business idea and find out the strong areas like the form of dance. Your skill is going to pass to another one, so it’s should be a perfect one. You can collaborate or have a partnership with other dance teacher who has expertise in different form of dance which will provide variety in the forms provided by your class and attract more students.


: – At the inceptive period of your dance school, you don’t need to have a large place for the classes. Wait till you have a good number of students and let the goodwill of your name spread, later on you can opt for a bigger place and a good location. If your budgets suits, you can hire or buy a new place for your studio.


: – The location of the class should be in a posh area, which can be easily accessible from other parts, like near railway station or bus stand will be a great choice. However, as mentioned earlier it is not required to buy or hire a place for the classes, you can shift later on also.


: – For the promotion of your school, you can choose from various advertising mode as per your budget. Promote your area of skills and uniqueness of your studio in the most effective way. Social networking sites are the best way to advertise for free and reach to the mass. You can even promote with hand bills and distribute it near the popular educational institutes.


: – It is the biggest hindrance for starting any business, but to start a dance classes for kids, you don’t need a huge investment. You can even start the class at your home and later on shift in some new place after your class gains popularity with money.

To have a career in dancing or to start a dance school and become a dance teacher, the efforts needs to be given from the early stage and the fruit can be enjoyed later on in the life.

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Have Dancing Skills? Become a Dance Teacher and Earn From Home
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Have Dancing Skills? Become a Dance Teacher and Earn From Home
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