How Ball Pen Refill Making Business Idea Can Give Big Return

Are you looking for a simple and small manufacturing business idea that involves little amount of investment along with the product having a huge demand in the market? Then you should look after ball pen refill making business. Ball pens have replaced the traditional fountain pen’s way back and since then it is the only writing option after pencil. Ballpoint pen refills are a must to buy the item in every household and business making the idea a lucrative one.

Market Demand of Ball Pen Refill Making Business

It was long ago when fountain pen was the only writing option other than pencil, but the ball pen took over the market completely decades ago and since then it is the only option available as writing stationary. Pencils are only used by kids till junior classes and since then everyone uses the pen for writing purpose throughout the school, college, university and after that in jobs.

A refill is a must as the ink gets consumed while writing and the refill becomes empty and needs to be replaced with a new one. More or less 100 % of the world population uses a pen every day, so just imagine the market opportunity of ball pen refill making business.

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Pros and Cons of the Ball Pen Refill Making Business

The business about ball pen refill is a good option to invest your capital, but before starting the business you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the idea. Let’s find out about the same: –

Pros of the business: –

  • Small Scale: – Being a small scale business options, it is easy to set up the ball pen refill making business without much of trouble.
  • Less Investment: – The need of capital to set up the business is very less and you can easily get financial assistance from the bank.
  • Home Based: – You will not need a huge infrastructure to start this business; it can easily be started from your home.
  • Part-time: – You can run this business as a part-time option along with any other business or services.
  • Demand: – The demand of ball pen refill is huge as it’s a consumable item which is used on daily basis.

Cons of the business: –

  • Market Competition: – There is a huge competition of the refill making business in the market.
  • Lesser Profit Margin: – The MRP of an average quality refill can be found in the market even in just Re 1, thus the margin of profit in this business is very less and you need to have a high amount of production to get a good income amount.

Above are the few advantages and disadvantages of this business idea and if it can be managed properly can turn to be a prosperous business.

Required Material for Ball Pen Making


You can start a ball pen refill making business in just about 200 sq ft of area. The required machinery will contain: –

  • Punching machine
  • Nozzle fixing machine
  • Centrifuging machine
  • Hot Stamping machine
  • Ink filling machine.

If you have the financial strength you can even start a complete automatic unit    of ball pen refill making

Required Raw Materials

Liquid ink, pipe and nozzle are just a few required raw materials for the production of raw materials and these are easily available in the local market or you can even buy those directly from the manufacturer.

You will also need materials for packaging purpose.

Process of Ball Pen Making

The required process for ball pen making is the simplest one, following are the steps: –

  • Fixing the nozzle
  • Filling the pipe with the predetermined ink quantity
  • Print your brand name
  • Packing

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Steps to Start Ball Pen Refill Making Business

Like any other business, this one also needs systematic process to have a successful future: –

Create a Business Plan: – A business plan should contain everything about how to run and manage the business in the most profitable ways. It will have the details of procedures of the business along with the different strategies to get the best return from the invested amount.

With a good business plan, you can apply for loan from the different financial institutes also.

Market Research: – Do a proper market research of the surrounding competitors and find out their way of operation and use their good strategies for the betterment of your business and try to avoid the incorrect steps taken by them.

Infrastructure: – Even with an area of 200 sq ft you can run the business. It is a small scale business idea which can be easily operated from your house only with a requirement of least capita.

With a fine quality product along with the best price, you can easily succeed in the ball pen refill making business idea. So, with endurance and hard working attitude start doing the market analysis to venture into the business as it can be easily started even at your own home.

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How Ball Pen Refill Making Business Idea Can Give Big Return
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How Ball Pen Refill Making Business Idea Can Give Big Return
Ball pen refill making business is a simple and small manufacturing business idea that involves little amount of investment.
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