Earn, Learn and Have Fun with Art Classes at Home

Housewives in India are the backbone of the family, she controls and manages everything in the house but still in this 21st century they are underrated as per their quality. They usually need to depend on other members of the family for the financial support. But some of them have found a creative and lucrative way to use their talent for both enjoyments and make money by starting art classes at home.

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It’s like a sin to waste your dexterity, the more you distribute your knowledge, the more you gain. More and more housewives are starting drawing and painting classes rather using the free time in front of the idiot box or other unproductive tasks, am not denying that it also has its own importance but if you can use the time in sharing the knowledge with other kids and earn in return, it is a better option.

Steps to start art classes at home

It is not like setting up a business empire, it’s very simple to start and you will find how easy it is after you read this article. Let’s find out the needs to start a drawing and painting classes: –

Skill: –

The most important need of starting a drawing and painting classes is that you yourself have the adroitness in the field. Your stronghold on the sector of art will attract more students to your place.

However, if you don’t possess a strong skill and art and still wants to work in the same sector from home than you can hire a teacher from outside and start art classes at home. It will be less profitable, but if you have your own studio and can attract a handsome number or students, then also you can see the profit.

Place: –

You need ample place to start art classes for kids. You can use your home also if it is big enough or can hire some room to conduct the class. Start from a small place, till you get enough students and money to get a bigger studio. Decorate your class with various arts; it will be good if it is made by you only. The place should look attractive and interesting so that when the students or their parents visit the place, they fall in love with it at first sight.

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Patience: –

Teaching small kids is not a kid job. You will need tonnes of patience and endurance in yourself and over that you will have many small kids making different mischief at your class, so you need to be very calm in handling them in an apt way.

Finance: –

Not much required if you are starting the same at your place only and if you are taking rent than choose the place wisely.

Planning: –

Before starting the class you need to decide about your offerings and it will depend upon your level of skill, like are you going to teach kids only or will also offer advanced classes for drawing. What will be the duration and frequency of the class? Plan your budget also and decide the fees accordingly.

Branding and Advertising: –

Give an attractive name to your class. It should easy to remember but eye catching. Distribute handbills near schools and educational institutions and if possible place few posters for advertising. If your budget supports, you can even give an ad in your local TV channels.

At the beginning, you can start teaching some students free of cost. This will be beneficial in many ways, firstly you will get the practice of teaching the students and how to handle them efficiently, secondly your class will get mouth to mouth promotion without any investment, and third you can check the response and then give a go ahead for investing more in the practice.

Approval and Registration: –

After the commencement of the drawing and painting classes, make contact with your nearby authority related to art and crafts to make a registration for your class. It will increase the brand value and you can even give the certificate to your students which will attract more candidates.

Partnership: –

If you are having a large studio or place at home, you can even come on an agreement with any of your friend or relatives who are in the cultural sector like music or dance. Then you can have a separate class for that also at your art school.

However, art classes at home are not only for housewives, anyone who has the passion and love for art can start the same at home in their free time or as a full-time career.

The need of investment is very less but the scope is very high. This will highlight your expertise in the sector and just by sharing your knowledge and experience with others, you can even earn handsome amount along with everyday learning also.

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