How to start an Air Duct Cleaning Business – Complete Guide

All kind of houses and commercial buildings has got air ducts and they need to be cleaned to remove the dust, debris and others to provide a pollutant-free air to breathe. The air duct cleaning business provides the service for keeping the ducts clean so that people can get fresh and pure air to inhale.

In this article, I will bring you with the complete update of about starting an air duct cleaning business. At the end of this, you will get complete answers to the following queries related to the business: –

  •         Why start an air duct cleaning business?
  •         Earning potentiality of this business
  •         Requires skills to start this business
  •         Required capital to begin an air duct cleaning business
  •         Target market
  •         Tips to operate the same in a profitable way

Reasons to Select Air Duct Cleaning Business

There are two primary things that one considers before selecting any kind of business. One is the required investment and the second one is the earning potentiality of the business. Although there are other factors too which play a major role in finalizing any business idea. So let’s find out the prime reasons for selecting this business: –

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Required capital: –

The investment required to start and operate this business is very low. You will need a maximum of 2000 to 4000 USD to start this business. This will cover all of your cost of purchasing the required equipment along with all other miscellaneous expenses like marketing, website and others.

Earning potentiality:

– Every house and commercial buildings needs air duct cleaning services. Thus, you can understand the demand for this business in the market. Along with the high demand, the payment is also lucrative. Once you have a steady growth in the business, you can easily make 5000 to 10000 USD in the initial phase of the business.

Home-based: –

Having a strong online presence is enough to attract clients. You don’t need a separate office to work and thus can easily operate the business from your home which will also allow you to take care of your household chores.

Part-time: –

During the beginning of the business, you may not get regular jobs or contracts and you may have to be satisfied with the small contracts. This happens with every business. However, the best part is that you don’t have to indulge 24/7 for this job. You can run it simultaneously along with other business or services on a part-time basis and can run it on full-time when you start getting more clients.

Required skills:

– You may not need a higher educational qualification to start this business; however, you need to have knowledge about the duct cleaning procedures. You need to have a detailed knowledge of the HVAC system. If you don’t have practical experience in the field, then you can take online or classroom courses for the same. The certificate for completion of the course will surely help in getting more clients.

What is the Target Market for Air Duct Cleaning Business?

Any kind of building with the air duct is a potential opportunity for you. At the beginning of the business, you should target the general households and the newly constructed buildings. Slowly you need to move to the commercial buildings as those are the cream customers.

Cleaning the commercial buildings takes a long time and thus a heavier paycheck. But that doesn’t mean that you should avoid the households. The commercial buildings can afford to pay on a regular interval for the cleaning and thus that should be your target customers. You should set a target to get at least 5 to 7 commercial building contracts in the first quarter of starting the business and then double the count along with the general households.

For Whom this Business is Suitable

To start an air duct cleaning business, you need to be an HVAC technician. So, if you have the certificate or experience in the field, then this business is perfectly suited for you. However, you need to be very flexible to start this job; by flexible I mean both physically and mentally as you may need to enter dark and dirt full places to clean. So, if you are okay with work which requires hard labor, then this one is suitable for you.

Tips to Operate the Business in a Profitable Way

If you have made the decision to start an air duct cleaning business, then these tips will help you to get success easily. These are simple and basic things which most of the people forget to follow: –

  •         Provide free service to a few houses in your neighbor. It will work as free advertisements and also build a relationship.
  •         How small the work may be, don’t neglect the same and complete the job within the deadline.
  •         Go for a reputed supplier of equipment.
  •         No client is small. So respect every business calls professionally.

·         Do a complete research about the business before commencing to start the same.

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