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Know Me Personally:

Nabanita Kundu

It’s Me

Hey there,

I am Nabanita Kundu from Kolkata. HomeBusinessIDeasCenter is the outcome of my education, experience and thoughts to date. I always want to be my own boss and do something new at my own pace, apart from conventional line of business. I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from University of Calcutta. Then I started freelancing in Upwork (formerly oDesk) as a writer. Meanwhile, I got married and blessed with a baby boy. I continued my journey being a work at home mom, without neglecting on my duties and responsibilities towards my child and family.

In 2008, I set up a few content rich websites on different niche and started making money with Google Adsense.
At the end of 2009, I came to know about blogging and I wished to start my own blog. It has already been quite popular on web.

Why I started HomeBusinessIdeasCenter



In my school-life, I was a writer and my writings were being posted on our school magazine. I also took part in debate and essay competitions. Since then, reading and writing are my passion and favorite pastime too. I still love to read books on various topics. I started this blog initially from my keen interest towards writing.

HomeBusinessIdeasCenter is my candid attempt to reach out the people who want to be financially independent being their own boss and also get connected with the successful entrepreneurs. Over the years, I have seen many ups and downs in my personal and professional life which helped me to learn a lot.

I am neither well versed in computer programming nor have any management degree from business school. I learnt so many things about setting up and running a home based business while involving in it and also from my nonstop study on internet.

HomeBusinessIdeasCenter talks about everything you need to know to set up and grow a successful home based business, which you never get to know in school.

What I Write About

Here is what I am going to share In HomeBusinessIdeasCenter.

  1. Practical tips and resources on how to set up and run your home based business.
  2. Exciting business ideas that have potential to earn a living.
  3. Different techniques to promote your business online and offline.
  4. Comprehensive Guide to set up oyur own blog and make money from it.

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