A Comprehensive Guide to Start a Business of Bottled Water Delivery Service

Bottled water delivery service is one of the most lucrative and in-demand sectors of the water business. This is because; near about half of world’s total population have insufficient access to clean water. Water is such an essential thing for living that they have no other choice but buy packaged drinking water. These days, people are more prone to buy bottled water as it is pure, low-cost and convenient enough to carry everywhere.

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What Makes Bottled Water So Popular?

Filtered drinking water is the necessity of everyone for their health. Thanks to the continuous health awareness programs arranged worldwide, people have become more concerned about their health and wellbeing. Scarcity of drinking water is a big problem in both rural and urban areas. Usually, people are dependent on spring and well water or the public water supply systems. Well water tastes dull and mostly mineral contaminated. Sometimes, tap water also gets contaminated due to leakage in the old pipes. If they drink water from these unreliable sources, it impacts in negative on their health. Due to this reason, the demand for the clean portable water has arisen and this also leads to the birth of bottled water delivery service in various parts of the world.

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Do you have any interest in water business? Don’t you have the sufficient capital to start off? No need to get worried at all!! You can begin the bottled water home delivery at small scale with low start-up cost and then slowly grow your trade once you saved adequate money to build up your own bottled water production plant.

Reasons for Starting a Bottled Water Delivery Service

There are so many things which might come into your mind before starting a business of bottled water home delivery service. You might also want to know the reasons behind beginning this business. Therefore, the following points will clarify your questions:

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  • Consistent Demand for Pure Water in the MarketThe clean water is constantly in demand as it is essential and each person requires it to live. Hence, the business related to the water will always be quite beneficial.
  • Rising Awareness about Health At present, the people are getting more health conscious and kept an eye over whatever they eat or drink. The bottled delivery service provides them clean and safe water that can help them in avoiding water borne diseases like Dieria, Cholera, etc. Hence, due to this reason, a need for bottled water home delivery service arises.
  • Profitable BusinessWater is the most significant resource for the bottled water production business that is easily available without any cost. You just have to drill and set up a borehole and get a steady source of water. The additional production materials like bottles can be purchased from the third party.
  • Creation of EmploymentThe whole procedure of bottled water delivery service requires more people as it is not a job for a single person. So, you have to hire people who will help in thejobs like the washing of bottles, operating the apparatuses, supplying the bottled water, etc.

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Steps of Starting a Bottled Water Delivery Service

The below is the list of steps that are required for starting a bottled delivery service:

  • Know your Clients

    The first thing is to know your clients i.e. either they are private entities (home delivery) or commercial institutions. There are so many places like offices, banks or a big company that has water dispensers in order to give drinking water to their employees and staff members. You can ask them for regular bottled delivery service.

  • Choose the Type of Water and Size of Bottle

    The next thing is to select the type of water (for example. spring water or distilled water) that you will provide to the customers and what will be the size of the bottles (1 litres, 5 litres or even 5 gallons) in which the water will be packed. The size will totally depend on upon the requirement of the opposite party.

  • Get a License for Running a Business

    You must obey all the legal requirements that are required to begin a business of bottled water delivery service in your city or state. The incorporation of your company is not required until you are not doing the manufacturing process on your own.

  • Obtain the Registration under the Bottled Water Companies

    You need to sign a contract with a company who manufactures bottles as a supplier. This will help you in getting the bottles at very low price. With this way, you can also maximize your profits.

  • Buy a Delivery Van

    The next step is to buy a delivery van that carries your bottles to the clients. However, if you do not have enough funds for purchasing a delivery van, then you may get it from the van rental companies at a small amount of charge.

  • Hire a Storeroom / Warehouse

    You will need a secure place like a storeroom or a warehouse where you can store your water bottles. The storeroom must be clean and free from any kind of impurities that may harm the health of your clients. If you cannot afford to pay the rent of a warehouse, then you can work on the just-in-time basis (i.e. only make the purchases of bottles when you need to supply).

  • Hire Employees and Promoters

    This business cannot be run alone, so you will have to hire employees for the jobs like driving a delivery van, packing of water with machines, etc. A good marketer will also be required for promoting your services on the large scale.

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After following the above steps, you can begin your own bottled water delivery service. However, in order to succeed in this business, you must also try your best to maintain a good connection with the clients by providing reliable and prompt service.

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