A Comprehensive Guide to Create Google+ Brand Pages for Your Blog

Launched in June, 2011, Google + was the Google’s serious attempt to develop a social media platform that rivals Facebook. It is a collection of various social features that include Hangouts – video chat service, Stream – newsfeed, Circles – friend management service, Games, and photos.

With over 500 million registered users today, Google+ presents a great way to not only increase your presence online, but to improve your overall visibility as well. It would soon become on the top of a social networking sites, even above Facebook. It is hightime to give priority to Google + so that your brand get maximum exposure and stand out in the crowd.

You need to create a dedicated Google+ page for your brand. Well, there is a much more confussion between the personal Google+ profile and the brand page. It should be cleared that you must have your personal account to create the brand page. This guide takes you through how to create and set up a Google+ brand page for your blog.

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How to Get Started


Create a Google+ page

In order to create a Google+ business page, you will need to have a personal Google account, be it Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, or any other Google’s tools. Once you have the account and signed in, you can then head to Create Page .

Choose Business Type

Choose Business Type

Choose Business Type

Navigate to Create Page and pick your business type. There are three main categories from which you can choose and they include, Shop Front, Service Area, and Brand. For a blog, you need to pick the Brand as your option.

Once you have chosen the category, come to the next age where you need to fill the page name, include your website url and then choose type of page again.

Create Your Google+ Page

Create Your Google+ Page

Create Your Google+ Page

Click on Create page, and then Google+ for business help tour will guide you to fill out all the essential information. You need to click on Edit to start filling out all the required information about your business on your Google+ brand page. In fact, this is the place wher you can provide all the vital information about your business to maximize the chances of a one-time visitor to follow your brand page on the social network.

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Edit Google plus page information

Edit Google plus page information

Edit Google plus page information

It is very important to include a 10-word tagline and a short description of your brand. Next you need to upload your brand image. Following are the image specifications for your Google+ profile photo and brand cover.

  • The maximum size limit of your cover image can be of 2120×1192 pixels
  • The minimum size limit of cover image should not be less than 480 x 270 pixels
  • The profile picture’s size should be of 250 x 250 pixels

Google+ has an integrated image editor with which you can enhance your Google+ profile picture. Your Google+ brand page is now ready, and you can share it on your other social media profiles including your personal Google+ profile. This is your maiden step to start attracting followers on your Google plus brand pages.

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Lest you forget, if you have several pages, there is a drop down on the left-hand side that you can use to switch between them. You can share the page on your wall or create a Google+ hangout with fans from right-hand side.


Google+ presence offers a wide range of PPC and SEO benefits. The only way to capitalize on those benefits is to create a complete Google+ Brand page. With this guide, you can now embark on boosting your online presence by creating a Google+ brand page for your blog.

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