8 Proven Techniques to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing without a Website

While many believe that making money online without a website is only a myth, you should know that it is actually possible. In fact, many internet marketers and affiliate marketers started out without owning a website or any property on the internet, apart from the presences they created for themselves in order to promote affiliate links and start making money on the internet.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that thousands of online marketers are using to generate income for themselves each and every day. Many affiliate marketers have been able to create large amounts of income streams that help them pay bills, put food on the table and enjoy life without having to worry about a boss.

In order to be a more successful affiliate marketer, you simply need to dedicate yourself to building an online career as one. Once you have dedicated yourself to being a professional affiliate marketer, you will be able to put more time and effort into your online career. This will help you build a better online presence and make money faster with affiliate marketing.

Make money with affiliate Marketing without a website

When you are only starting out online, chances are you do not have a big budget. This means that you will have to limit yourself in certain aspects, or take the cheaper alternative road – which is bad!

Luckily there are several strategies that you can use to make money with affiliate marketing without a website. These strategies involve different marketing methods that will allow you to post your affiliate links online, drive traffic to these links and profit every time you refer a sale.

By simply utilizing these 8 proven techniques used by the masters in the industry, you will be able to gain a competitive advantage over other affiliate marketers promoting content online. These strategies all assume that you want to make money with affiliate marketing without a website. If you are only getting started, this is a great way to build up an online career and start raking in some cash. Once you’ve built up a following and a few bucks in your affiliate account, you can withdraw your money and invest in building a proper website for your affiliate marketing business.

Promoting affiliate links on forums and discussion boards

8 Proven Techniques to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing without a Website

8 Proven Techniques to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Becoming an authority in your niche is a vital part of reaching a level where you can say you are successful. Forum and discussion boards are a great place to start building such authority.

When you join a forum or a discussion board, you are not only becoming a registered member on a website, but you are also becoming a new member in a community. Forums are full of members that forms a community – these members are all working together to help each other out.

This is where you come in. By registering on forums related to your niche, and becoming an active member, you will build up authority for yourself. People will start to see you as an authority and they will start to trust whatever you post on these forums. The more active you are, the more people will start to recognize your name.

The secret to driving traffic to your affiliate links from forums and discussion boards is to be as “human” as possible. Never promote your own affiliate links – rather share links to authority sites that people already trust. Simply joining and sharing affiliate links will get you flagged as a spammer and your account will be banned. That is NOT what you want.

As for the actual traffic generation – after you’ve built up some authority for yourself you should create a signature at these forums with a captivating call to action and include one of your affiliate links. It’s a better idea to hyperlink a few words than to use the actual affiliate link in your signature – this will also make it less obvious that you are promoting affiliate links.

Promoting affiliate links through eBooks

Writing an eBook that promotes your affiliate links is also a great way to drive traffic to your affiliate links. This method is very simple to do and you can even make a little extra money from it – if you follow the right guidelines that is.

Many platforms offer users the ability to publish their own eBooks – some platforms will only allow you to publish free eBooks, while other platforms (like Amazon’s Kindle) will allow you to charge a fee for your eBook. Using a combination of free and paid platforms can be an excellent benefit to your affiliate marketing career.

To use this technique to make money with affiliate marketing without a website, you simply need to come up with a couple of good topics you can write about in your niche. Do some research and find out what content in your niche is very popular at the moment. Then write a short eBook that relates to a topic in your niche and include your affiliate links a couple of times in the eBook – you could link out to your affiliate links from within the content, or you can add a call to action with a link or button at the side, or in the header or footer of your eBook.

Once you’ve written the eBook, simply share it on a couple of free eBook publishing platforms, as well as some document sharing websites.

If you want to make a little extra money from your eBooks, you can also sell them on a platform such as Amazon’s Kindle. Start the book off by offering it as a free book by using Kindle’s promotional tools. This will help you drive traffic to your affiliate links while offering a free eBook on Kindle. After the free promotional deal has come to an end, your book will be sold on Kindle and Amazon, and you will get a piece of every sale made.

One of the best advantages this method has over others is the fact that it promotes itself. You simply write an eBook, include a link and upload. EBook platforms usually receive thousands to millions of monthly visitors – which means your eBook will already have exposure.

Promoting affiliate links through email marketing

List building should be a top priority for every person who tries to make money online. While promoting links on the internet is great an all, there’s nothing that comes even close to how powerful a proper list building and email marketing strategy can be.

Setting up a simple landing page that captures email addresses for you has become very easy, and practically free. There’s many platforms on the internet that offers free basic versions of their landing page builders, as well as a free trial to try out the more professional features without having to pay for your first few days or weeks.

To promote your affiliate links through email marketing, you will need a few basic things. The first is a product to give away in return for a visitor’s email address. This can be a simple 10-page ebook you’ve written on a popular topic in your niche, or it can be a basic video you’ve created about a topic in your niche. Get something that you can offer in exchange for an email address – this is the “bait” of the landing page.

Once you have a product or service to give away to email subscribers, simply set up a landing page at one of the many landing page builders. They will usually give you a sub-domain or a specific link where visitors can access your landing page.

Next you need to integrate an autoresponder email marketing system with your landing page. Both AWeber and GetResponse offers free trials to help you get started. Join one of them, grab your subscription form code and add it to your landing page.

The last step is to promote your landing page instead of the actual affiliate link, and get people to visit your landing page. When they enter their email address, they are automatically added to your email list. You can then promote multiple products to each individual prospect, and profit multiple times from every subscriber on your list.

A Quick tip: After a subscriber confirms their subscription to your email list, you should set up a script to redirect the visitor to an affiliate offer on the “subscription confirmed” page. This will help boost your earnings and get you more affiliate referrals!

Promoting affiliate links through Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When times are tough and you need some cash paid into your bank account quickly, pay-per-click advertising might be the way to go. You will need some initial cash to invest, but you can easily make it back multiple times if you utilize pay-per-click advertising in the right way.

Pay-per-click advertising refers to any advertising you partake online that drives visitors to your website through text, banner and video ads. These advertisements usually cost money, but when you do your research, they can be very rewarding.

Start by utilizing different pay-per-click ad graders. Find out how your competitors are setting up their ads, and then follow in their footsteps. There’s many online tools that can help you find high-performing pay-per-click ads on different networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and more. By analyzing these different ads created by competitors, you will be able to create captivating and attention-grabbing adverts for your own pay-per-click campaigns.

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One word of warning when it comes to pay-per-click advertising – not all PPC providers allow direct linking to affiliate links. You might have to register a domain name and redirect the domain name to your affiliate link before setting up a PPC ad.

Promoting affiliate links through YouTube

We are officially in the year 2016, and YouTube has taken the world by storm. Millions of users’ log into their YouTube account each and every day just to find the latest videos to make them laugh, to make them learn something or to tell them about something newsworthy.

If you are an affiliate marketer trying to make money with affiliate marketing without a website, YouTube is one of your must have online marketing channels.

Creating a simple YouTube video takes less than an hour, and doesn’t necessarily have to include you. If you are camera shy, then use a screen casting tool to record your desktop, or get someone on a freelancing website to do it for you. Many creative designers are offering video production services starting from as little as $5 on Fiverr – tap into this huge market and unleash thousands of visitors to your affiliate links every day.

How to Make Money From Youtube With No Filming, No Marketing And No Website!

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When uploading a YouTube video, you should always ensure you use a captivating title, a good description and the right tags in order to make your YouTube video more visible to the users browsing for videos. You also need to include your affiliate link (preferably shortened or using a custom domain that redirects to your affiliate link) in the description of your videos – this will drive traffic to your affiliate links and help you make more money without a website.

Promoting affiliate links on classified sites

Even though most internet marketers say that classified sites are saturated and useless, it can still be used to drive traffic to some affiliate links. While not every type of affiliate program will be as profitable on classified sites, there are still some offers that can be very useful.

The first method to promote your affiliate links on classified sites is to actually post ads related to the affiliate offer you are promoting. Ask visitors to reach out to you if they want to know more. When someone sends you an email requesting more information, send them an email with some details and a link – the link should point to one of your affiliate offers related to the advert you placed.

Another method to use in order to get traffic to your affiliate links through classified sites would be to use the ads already posted to your advantage. Browse through different categories related to your niche, and find the “Wanted” ads. When you find a “wanted” ad related to a product you are promoting, simply reach out to the advertiser – tell them more about the product and include your affiliate link. If they are interested, they might click and make you some profit.

Promoting affiliate links through article marketing

Article marketing is one of the oldest and simplest forms of promoting content on the internet. It works in a very simple structure, but can be very powerful if you do things the right way.

When it comes to article marketing, the quality of your article is one of the most important parts of your content. Article platforms such as eZine Articles allow users to republish content that was published on their platform, as long as the republished content stays untouched. These article platforms also allow you to add a link to your website – which means every time your article gets republished, your link appears on a new website.

How To Build Up A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch

You should be able to realize the power of article marketing without needing any further explanation. Imagine writing a powerful article that gets republished a thousand times. This will definitely bring you thousands of visitors, potential buyers and some nice referral notifications in your inbox.

Promoting affiliate links on social media

Social media is probably the most powerful way of promoting any kind of links online. With social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in play, you can tap into millions of daily unique users and drive some of that traffic over to your own affiliate links.

It’s not that easy of course, but it is definitely possible. The secret key to becoming more successful due to social media is to have patience. You need to build up a strong following, show your followers that you are an expert, establish authority for yourself, and then start promoting your links.

If you do have some patience and the need for more money in your bank, social media is definitely one of the best techniques that you should include in your quest to make money with affiliate programs without a website.

Final Words

Want to Make money from Facebook & Twitter

These 8 proven techniques will help you drive traffic to your affiliate links and make money with affiliate marketing without having a website. By simply including a couple of these techniques in your daily online marketing strategy, you will be able to see results within a week or two. Profit will be climbing and you will soon be able to call yourself a more successful online affiliate marketer.

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8 Proven Techniques to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
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While many believe that make money with affiliate marketing without a website is only a myth, you should know that it is actually possible.
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