45 Best Home Based Business Ideas

Starting a home based business might seem like a big challenge. Most of us think that a person with many credentials and a bank account full of cash can do so. The truth is, when you have a fitting home business idea, create a solid business plan and follow the steps accordingly, it is really easy to set up and grow a business venture. You need not to invest a lot of capital for many of the home based business ideas. If you have a dedicated work space and internet access in your computer, you may qualify for most of these opportunities

Below are the most profitable home based business

After going through extensive research, I’ve compiled a list of 45 potential home based business ideas that you can start with your skills and experience and from the comfort of your home. Most of the ideas not only come with minimum start-up requirements but involve lower risks and challenges. Go for the home based business idea that you are passionate about and have the necessary skills. With a little dedication and patience you business will surely flourish!

1. Accounting Business

Accounting is an essential part of any type of business. This is where all of the finances – both income and expenses – are recorded and organized. Accounting also helps the business keep track of their finances and file for tax. If you have accounting skills, you can start your own accounting business and offer this service to other companies in need of a professional, outsourced accountant. Read More

2. Amazon Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing is dubbed as the best opportunity for people just getting started on the internet. It is also used by many internet marketers to create a five-figure monthly income. Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the best programs to get started with – simply due to the fact that you can literally find almost anything on their website. Simply choose a niche, write a couple of reviews and add affiliate links. Read More

3.Bed and Breakfast Business

Bed and breakfast businesses are quite popular and in demand. Millions of people travel each year and they require somewhere to live while abroad. This is where your business comes in. You prepare one or more rooms in your house and rent them out. Include a breakfast in the morning and people will pay you to get a good night’s sleep at your place. This home based business does not necessarily need an investment when starting out, but the specifics of how you want to start and run your business can have an effect on this factor. Read More

4. Bookkeeping Business

If you are a trained accountant and desire to work from home, you may go for this option. It is better if you are a certified accountant but it is not mandatory. You just need to know the background of bookkeeping. Freelance bookkeepers are generally sought after by small businesses who cannot afford a full-time bookkeeper. Read More

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5. Blogging

Just a few years ago, blogging was not considered a real income opportunity. Now, blogging is one of the best home-based business opportunities availed by many enthusiastic. The process is apparently simple – choose a topic, do some keyword research and start blogging. Once you have a few readers, you can monetize your blog and start making money. You need to put lot of hard work and time to build your authority as a blogger. Read More

6. Candle Making Business

Candles are essential for many occasions. It is not only used in birthdays, prayers or funerals but candles are required for decorating homes and creating a special ambiance in massage rooms and spas. If candle making is your passion, you can turn it into a profitable home based business. It would fetch a nice profit by making and selling your own candles. You can choose to specialize in certain types of candles, such as fragrance candles or crafted candles. The ingredients required to make these candles are relatively affordable, that means you can start this home based business without the need for a large startup expenses. Read More

7. Cosmetics Business

In today’s modern lifestyle, both men and women use a variety of cosmetics to cover up imperfections and looking better. The cosmetics industry is also a billion-dollar industry growing rapidly. Investing your time, money and effort, you can start this home based business and get success even in just a couple of months. You can choose to make your own cosmetics line or promote renowned brands and sell their cosmetics. Read More

8. Copywriting Business

If you are good with words, a home based copywriting business may just be the correct option for you. Copywriters are hired by companies to develop their web contents, sales brochures, mails, advertisements, newsletters, press releases and others. Any person with good writing skills can go for this option however a good command over English language and marketing skill is necessary for future growth. The startup expenses are also nominal; you need just a computer with broadband connection.

9.Computer Repair Business

If you are good at repairing computers – hardware repairs or software installation – then you can start your own home-based computer repair business. You will exchange your expertise and skills for money. Both consumers and businesses are usually happy to pay you per hour or a fixed amount in order to get their computer problems sorted out. Read More

10. Consulting Business

A consulting business assists other businesses with different kinds of tasks. This can be anything from employment to assisting with business functions. This opportunity has a lot of potential and companies usually pay top dollars for consultants. You do not need an initial investment to start a consulting business, but if you do have a small amount to invest in marketing your services, you’ll be able to gain a competitive advantage. Read More

11. Dog Grooming Business

With our busy lives, we don’t always get the time to properly attend to our pets. You can use this fact to your advantage. If you like working with dogs, then starting your own dog grooming business from home can be a great home based business to make money. You also don’t need initial capital to start this business – you simply need a couple of tools, as well as some essential dog supplies. Read More

12. Driving Training School

Before you can legally drive around in town, you need a driver’s license. We all know that going through a professional driving school before taking the final test makes things a lot easier. This gives you some much needed training before the big day. If you have a car and some patience to teach others, you can start your own driving training school and offer your driving assistance services at a price you choose. Read More

13. Doggie Daycare Business

Children aren’t the only ones that are sent to a daycare in modern day. Many people think of their dogs as their children and have a strong bonding with them. If you are fond of dogs, then consider starting a doggie daycare business from home. You need to buy some essential tools and equipment and should get a license from the corresponding authority. This is a lucrative home based business that does not require too much work or a large amount of initial capital. Read More

14. Fashion Boutique

Everyone is always trying their best to keep in trend with the latest fashion. If you want to tap into this market, then you can start a fashion boutique from home. You can choose to design your own clothes or import clothes from abroad. Then you can sell these clothes directly from your home – just be sure to set out a room that can be used to store all the clothing and to assist customers in. Read More

15. Freelance Resume Writing Business

Writing is a thriving business with lots of opportunity and a lot of space to grow. Some bloggers and freelance writers earn more than $1,000 per article they write. If you like writing and you have good language skills, then starting your own freelance resume writing business can be an excellent opportunity for you. You also don’t need any upfront capital and a simple computer with access to the internet will do. Read More

16. Gift Basket Making Business

Birthdays, marriage anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving-there are so many occasions and events where gifts are exchanged. If you are a creative person, you can start your own gift basket making business. You can choose to create your own gift baskets and then sell them to companies who specialize in selling gifts, or you can sell them of your own. You need to put some money on purchasing essential supplies and creating some marketing materials for your gift basket business. Read More

17. Graphic Design Business

There is a constant demand of graphic designers in the job market as business houses frequently need them to design logos, convey information in the form of advertisements, posters and also to design their websites. Graphic designing can be learnt on your own, still a certificate in graphic designing is a better option for getting selected for such jobs. The overhead costs of graphic designing are also minimal; you need to purchase a graphic designing software only. Read More

18. House Cleaning Business

We are all busy and often find the house to be in chaos, especially when we do not get the time to clean up. Use this to your advantage by starting a house cleaning business. This business does not require a large amount of initial capital, but you will need some cash to buy the necessary equipment and cleaning supplies. If you are hard working and have a good physique, you can do the cleaning tasks of your own; otherwise you might also have to appoint a couple of workers to help you out. Read More

19. Home Sewing Business

Clothes tear all the time. While a $10 T-Shirt won’t bother you, tearing your $500 dress might bring tears to your eyes. If you have the ability to fix clothes to a state where it looks like it was never torn, then a home sewing business might be the perfect opportunity for you. All you need to get started is sewing skills and a sewing machine. You can start lining up clients, fix their clothes and cash in. Read More

20. Homemade Soap Business

Starting your own homemade soap business is a fun and rewarding opportunity that can be promoted to local, national and international customers. Soap is an essential item used in every location, including in our home and workplace, as well as in public toilets. Naturally you can target both consumers and companies. If you handcraft the soap into different shapes, then your artwork can also be sold on handcraft marketplaces such as Etsy.

This opportunity requires little knowledge – you need to know how to make soap. If you can learn different soap making techniques, then it would add up to your profit. You will also need a location to work from – if you have a spare room, you can prepare the room as your manufacturing room. A garage can be a great work space. Soap making requires low capital investment as you will need to buy various supplies that will be used to make and wrap up soaps. Read More

21. Home-Based Flower Shop

Flowers are used at weddings, funerals, birthday parties and many other occasions. If you have green hands and like to work with flowers, then a home-based flower shop might be the perfect way to start a brand new career. You will be either sourcing the flowers from a florist or you can grow your own flowers. You can then create beautiful bouquets for your clients and they will be more than happy to pay. Read More

22. Home Based Jewelry Business
Jewelry can be used at any occasion. Whether you are attending a wedding, going out to the club or simply on your way to work, jewelry adds some extra class to whatever you are already wearing. If you are good at working with your hands and you have an eye for fashion, then a home based jewelry business might be the perfect business opportunity for you. Read More

23. Juice Bar Business

Whether you are a health nut or simply like to keep an eye on the amount of nutrition you consume, starting a home-based juice bar is perfect for anyone who likes to keep in shape. This opportunity lets you create juices and sell them for profit. You can also combine this opportunity with a fitness or weight loss program for additional success. Read More

24. Junk Removal Business

Almost every household and business place has junk that needs to be removed. You can start your own junk removal business and offer a service to remove and transport junk for domestic clients and businesses in your locality. This business venture does not require a large upfront investment – if you have a vehicle that you can load junk onto, then you should be ready to go. Read More

25. Laser Hair Removal Business

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have hair on your body. This can be embarrassing in some parts, as well as uncomfortable if you are active all day long. This is also the exact reason why hair removal clinics make so much money. Now you can also tap into this market by starting your own home-based laser hair removal business. You will need some startup capital to buy the required equipment and , but the market is quite big so there is a lot of potential. Read More

26. Life Coaching Business

It might surprise you, but millions of people do not know where they are going in life. They’re unsure of where they are, who they are and what they want in life. Even worse, they do not know how to fix these problems. If you have excellent organization skills and work easily with people, then starting a life coaching business might be the perfect solution for you. You will help clients to organize their lives in order to be more efficient and productive, thus helping them succeed in their own way. Read More

27. Make Money on Face Book

FaceBook is the world’s most popular social media network. Keeping this in mind and just by using a bit of creativity, you can make thousands of dollars on the network. There are different ways to earn with Facebook – you can set up a Facebook page and promote affiliate offers or your own offer, or you can set up a page, make it popular and then rent out advertising space. Facebook can also be used to drive traffic to your website. Read More

28. Make Money with Photoshop

Graphic design is an important element of any business. Every business needs a logo, business cards and more. Then there’s also photographers that need work done to their photos. You can tap into this market by learning how to use Photoshop. You then combine these skills with your creativity to create a lucrative business opportunity selling your Photoshop skills to the public. Read More

29. Make Money from YouTube

When YouTube was introduced, it was only a small video sharing network. During the last couple of years, the platform has grown into the most popular video platform on the internet. Many business owners are tapping into this platform to gain more leads and sales, make decent bucks. You can too. There are different ways to make money from YouTube – you can create videos, upload them and then monetize them through YouTube’s monetization program; you can create videos and add an affiliate link in the description; or you can upload videos and add a link back to your landing page in the description of these videos. Read More

30. Massage Therapy Business

Got a pair of strong hands and know how to work those stiff muscles. Then starting a massage therapy business from your home can be a great way to put your skills to good use. This opportunity requires a certification and license in some states, so be sure to esquire about the requirements of starting a message therapy business from home at your local authority. You will also need some startup capital to purchase various equipment and supplies to conduct massages in your home. Read More

31. Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker, it will be your responsibility to deliver speeches in such a way that it motivates and lifts the spirit of the audience. This job is fun, but comes with a lot of responsibility and risk. If you do not have these skills, you will need to gain them first. You do not need an initial investment to be a motivational speaker and can usually find work in your local area. Read More

32. Nail Salon Business

Both men and women like to stay well-groomed and look beautiful. This creates a more professional impression on their employer, co-workers, clients and even their friends circle. If you are a creative person or enjoy the beauty industry, starting a nail salon business from home can be a great career-choice. You do to invest some capital to buy the necessary equipment, but the opportunity is very lucrative and there is a market for this type of business almost anywhere. Read More

33. Non-Medical Home Care Business

If you really enjoy working with people, then a non-medical home care business might be for you. There are different types of business models when it comes to this venture, each with its own benefits and obstacles. You need to decide whether you will offer care in your own home during daytime. You can also choose to provide your home care services in the home of the client. Read More

34. Online Stock Photography Business

There are millions of websites on the internet require images. There are millions of apps on the app store. These apps need images. There are also thousands of brochures, flyers and posters being printed every day. If you have a talent for taking the perfect photos, then starting your own online stock photography business could be a truly amazing income opportunity. You take photos and sell them online. Website owners and graphic designers are ready to buy these photos from you to use them in their projects. Read More

35. Create Your Online Store

If you are good in marketing, you can start an online store of your own. You do not need to build a store of brick and mortar. You can start your store on world famous websites such as eBay, Amazon and others. For this you will need to carefully select your products. Go for products which are in demand but are not readily available. Next you will need to buy wholesale products or go for the drop-shipping strategy.

36. Paper Jewelry Making

Paper jewelry is the latest trend that grabs the attention of women and teenagers. If you have an eye for fashion and have creative hands, then you can start your own paper jewelry making business. While these type of jewelry are of low-cost, if you do a good job you can make a large amount of money through this opportunity. You will need a minimal amount to buy some jewelry making tools and supplies. You can do it from the comfort of your home using your creativity. Read More

37. Physical Therapy Business

Physical therapy involves providing assistance to patients who have experienced damage to a part of their body. It is very rewarding, but involves muscles. You require a certification before you can legally start operating. Startup requirements are moderate, but there is a lot of potential and money to be made in this industry. Read More

38. Proofreading Business

Business owners are just too busy to get to everything. Proofreading the content that needs to be published in newspapers, newsletters and on the internet takes time, but is vital for the professional image of the business. This is where you come in. If you have excellent language skills, you can start this home based business and offer this service to other business owners. You do not need any initial capital to start this type of business, but should have access to a computer that is connected to the internet. Read More

39. Recycling Business

Thousands of businesses are going green and using recycling services. Starting your own recycling business means you can tap into this industry and get your share of the thousands of dollars being spent to recycle items. You can choose between doing the actual recycling or offer a transportation service for recyclable material. If you choose to recycle yourself, you will not be able to perform the operation from home. Choosing to offer a transportation service will allow you to start your recycling home based business – all you need to get started is a vehicle with loading capacity. Read More

40. Smartphone Repair Business

If you are a tech person and know what’s going on inside a Smartphone, then starting a smartphone repair business could be a profitable home based business for you. Here, you will be offering your technical skills in exchange of money. This means that you will fix smart phones for your clients and they will either pay you an hourly rate or a fixed rate based on what needs to be repaired.

It requires little technical skills, experience and a few repairing tools. If you do not have the adequate skills to fix smartphones, then you can hire someone with the required skills to work with you. You do not really need a startup budget for this business. All you need to get started is the skills and equipment, as well as a location to work from – this could even be from your own living room. Read More

41. Tattoo Business

If you have creative genes and you like skin art, then a tattoo business might be perfect home based business for you. You will need to learn the proper techniques to apply tattoos, but once mastered you will be able to make thousands of dollars by offering a tattoo service from your home. This opportunity requires skills and a couple of tools and equipment to get started. You should obtain certain license and permits from Read More

42. Tour and Travel Agency from Home

Thousands of people travel to foreign countries each day. Some travel for pleasure and other for business. If you want to tap into this home based business, then all you need to get started is some knowledge, a computer and internet access. Having a smartphone will also be very handy. You can sign up to become an agent for an existing travel agency, set up your own partnerships with travel companies or you can use an affiliate program to refer clients to an existing company. Each model has a lot of income potential. Read More

43. Travel planner

People want to get the best deals for airfares, accommodation and rental cars. This is where travel planners come to action. Their duty is to find the best deal possible for their clients using their skills. You can set up the office for this home based business.

44. Virtual Assistant Business

A virtual assistant can save thousands of dollars of a business compared to hiring a full-time employee. If you have some essential skills that you can sell to businesses – such as data entry, customer support, sales support, content writing, or anything related – then you can start your own profitable home based business. Here you will be offering your services to business and you will usually charge them an hourly rate for the work you do. Read More

45. Window Cleaning Business

A business needs to always be presented in a professional manner. A clean interior and exterior is a vital part of upholding this professional image. The same is applicable for domestic places. People want to keep their home clean and dust-free. Tapping into this industry means you get an opportunity to make money by offering a window cleaning service. The best part is you can hire labor workers to do all the hard work, while you manage and run the home based business from the background. Read More

Final Words

The nine-to-five job-train isn’t for everyone. Many people, especially the creative ones, find them frustrated and stuck in a day job they do not even remotely enjoy. While starting your own home based business might seem daunting at first, once you’ve considered the benefits and what it can do for your life, things might seem possible all of a sudden. We’ve guided you through 45 excellent home-based business ideas that you can use to start a business and make a comfortable living from your own home.

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45 Profitable Home Based Business Ideas - Low Cost
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