15 Proven Ways to Make Money with Photoshop

Make money with PhotoshopMake money With Photoshop – Sounds interesting to you? If you are a creative individual possessing a great skill in Photoshop, then there are ample money making opportunities waiting for you. You could earn a good amount every month using both of your technical knowledge in Photoshop and the sense of designing. As you know, Adobe Photoshop is the brilliant photo-editing software that can portray your imagination in pixels. It has potential to turn a simple photograph into an incredible one. Though Photoshop is costly but you can avail it and even make a living by mastering its features.

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Here I have prepared a list of 15 proven ways to earn revenue utilizing your present Photoshop knowledge and skills. You may do it on a part time basis to add some extra cash to your main income. Otherwise you can start working full time as a freelancer and make bucks .Choice is yours; both of them bring money and recognition as a Photoshop expert.

1. Start with Photo Editing Services

This is the best possible way to start with your existing skills. Digital image retouching and optimization services are very popular nowadays and you can take this advantage to make some easy cash. You job is to take digital photos of your clients, make some changes and convert it into a work of art. You can do anything with a photo, include additional images to it, and discard unnecessary characters or objects, put some special effects like color, background texture etc. and also you can switch an old black& white photograph to a colored one. The all you can offer at a competitive price.

2. Opt for Photo Restoration Service

Photo restoration is also an in-demand service and you can go with it for making money. In this section, you’ll need to repair old or damaged photographs by color correction, eliminating background images or by giving artistic touches. Your services are greatly admired by the historical concerns, museums and also by the individuals with old photo frames of their ancestors.

3. Join Freelance Marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr

Freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer give you the opportunity to make a livable income by utilizing your Photoshop skills. These sites are free to sign up. Here you will come across a variety of web and graphic design projects on which you can send job proposals and if you get awarded a job, make it a success and earn the proposed amount.

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4. Create and Sell PSD Templates

As an expert in Photoshop, you can easily create web templates. It has set a new trend in web design market. You can sell them through different sites like templatemonster.com, graphicriver.net etc. You can earn a lot of money by reselling a single web template as many times as you want. It is possible to design a responsive PSD template for3 -4 pages website within a day. Say, you have got 100 sales at $50/sale from a one or two such template. Can you imagine the amount of money you could make just by using your PSD skills?

5. Sell your Photoshop Art in an Etsy Store

Etsy is such an online marketplace that encourages both buyers and sellers to have something classy and unique handmade goods. You can set up your own Etsy store and sell your digital paintings, graphic designs, illustrations etc. The added advantage is the reselling of the artworks. You can easily make a great amount against a small Etsy’s commission of 3.5%.

6. Make Money by retouching Stock Photographs

sell Photoshop artThe combo of photography and Photoshop can do a wonder. If you do photography in your leisure time, you can easily monetize it with your PSD skills. The snaps taken in various moments need some touch up with the photo editing software like Photoshop. It will produce premium stock photos which you can offer to different stock photograph sites for selling. Dreamstime, istockphoto.com, or shutterstock.com are some of the well known websites in this field but there are numerous. They accept photos and other contents and provide a revenue share to the contributors. Your earnings will depend on the exclusiveness of your stock items.

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7. Write Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials have a huge demand among the learners who want to develop a solid career in this field. Being an expert, you can prepare a series of Photoshop tutorials on various topics such as basics, advanced features, useful tips and photo illustration, vector portraits, digital painting, different techniques to add special effects and so on. These tutorials can fetch you handsome revenue. There are numerous article directories and article websites who are looking for tutorials on Photoshop accept these and pay you anything, ranging from $50 to $100 per tutorials accepted. Your income will be depending on the quantity and quality of the tutorials.

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8. Create Video Tutorials

Using your Photoshop knowledge, you can create video contents. It is no doubt a rewarding venture to enjoy your financial success. You can make a profit from those online video tutorials, either via advertising or by uploading videos in You tube. There are some websites offering online training courses, they allow you to sell your videos and make money from it.

9.Develop Your own Photoshop Tutorial Blog/Website

You have another great way to make money with Photoshop and it is by developing your own website where you can share your knowledge and experience in terms of PSD tutorials. By placing contextual advertising links like Google Adsense and a few affiliate product links, you will be able to set up a revenue stream.

10. Sell your Graphic Resources

You will be able to make some extra cash by selling your graphic resources that you have in your stock. It may include gradients, brushes, textures etc.

11. Start Logo Design Commercially

You can help the businesses and the aspiring entrepreneurs in designing their company logos and meeting their demand of custom design work. Almost everybody has become concerned about their social presence and so as the businesses. For setting up their business pages or fan pages, they need background templates or graphic design works. As you are good at Photoshop, you can offer these services and add good bucks to your income.

12. Start a T-shirt Design Business

You can start a T-shirt design business by utilizing your creativity and skills in Photoshop. This software is just superb in making various colors and effects and thus helps to produce eye-catching artworks. You can use those images in designing T-shirts and other apparel.

13. Start a Greeting Card Business

You have the ability to create a variety of images, both abstract and graphical using your artistic sense and PSD skills. Sometimes you may have used any of these images in making greeting cards for the Christmas Eve. Start making greetings cards commercially and set up your own business with your creations. It will fetch a good amount of money if you think seriously.

14. Participate in Online Photoshop Contest

If you are creative enough to do something unique with your Photoshop skills, you may win cash prize by participating in various online competition portals. springleaf.com and graphiccompetitions.com are two such sites that help to accomplish credibility and publicity of your work and also brings impressive amount and sometimes extra incentives too.

15. Make Money with Your Art Designs

This opportunity is quite lucrative for those enthusiastic who are proficient in using Photoshop in different way. You can also set up an art design business in which you will need to design e-book covers, artwork for CDs, magazines and postcards etc.

I have gone over only 15 ways to make money with Photoshop. Did I overlook other ideas? If you know, please feel free to share the ideas with my readers and also leave a comment with your suggestions.

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