Love Playing with Lexis!! 10 Freelance Writing Sites to Get Paid Jobs

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Love to write and want to use the skill to earn some extra bucks? It’s easy to get paid writing jobs but difficult to have a consistent flow of work for a steady income. There are hundreds of freelance writing sites but getting the best contact is the important task. Below is the list of few of the best freelance writing sites which can offer a good amount of writing jobs along with a good pay. Earlier I started my writing career with oDesk (now it’s Upwork) getting various writing assignments but it’s my suggestion not to involve in any particular site; keep offering your services through different sites.

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  1. Contentmart: – It is one of the most reliable sources of paid writing jobs for a writer with experience in different fields and it has the best policies to protect the writer’s interest. Both client’s and writers get good opportunity to work with the most reliable and expertise sources. The best part is that writer can select the fields they have the best knowledge and expertise and get the assignment according to them.
  2. Freelancer: – This one is the world’s largest talent pool. There are millions of small and big scale businesses which use the freelancers to get their jobs done by the experts. All kind of freelance jobs are available on this site. This is a global platform to work as a freelancer, not only as a writer, but photographers, designers, technicians and others also have the best jobs for them here.
  3. Upwork: – It is the result of the union of two of the biggest freelance marketplaces – Elance and Odesk. So you can easily find how efficient this one will be. In last year only i.e. in 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork and it is world’s largest marketplace for freelance talents. It is easy to get the local client from Upwork and also a great platform to get in contact with global clients. It has over 2 million clients and offers a job for all kind of freelancers.
  4. Toptal: – This one is definitely with the most different approach among the other freelance writing sites. Toptal is a great place for talented, experienced and seasoned freelancers and a difficult place for the novices. The client list of Toptal has some of the biggest names like Airbnb, Zendesk, JPMorgan and others. If you are looking for well paid writing jobs and have the expertise in the area, then Toptal is the site you should give a peek into.

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  1. Craigslist: – Amazed to see the name in the list of freelance writing sites as you may have known the name as a forum for online shopping of miscellaneous items, but it is also a great source of freelance paid writing jobs. It is a kind of classified advertising website with all kind of sections like jobs, housing, sales etc.
  2. Guru: – Showcase your previous work experience and your areas of expertise and this site will offer with loads of work matching your profile. You just need to make sure that you don’t miss any opportunity. The work room of Guru is also nicely designed for individual to manage the works efficiently.
  3. Freelance Writing Gigs: – If you like to play with words and love the work of writing, this site has a great deal of work for any kind of freelance combination like a writer, editor, blogger and others. It is one of the leading network and community for freelance writers who are looking for paid writing jobs.
  4. SimplyHired: – This one has the widest range that is offered by most of other freelance writing sites. It has a location based search options along with a company directory and a blog with hiring tips.
  5. Truelancer: – This one is another online platform bring freelancers and Employers together and choose the best option. There are more than a million users is Truelancer who are most happy with the way it is working.
  6. Constant-Content: – It is one of the freelance writing sites which pay a good amount of money for the freelance work, but this one is a premium article marketplace for writers who are professional and serious in the field of writing. If you have the quality, you can demand a top amount for doing the job as quality content is the basic need of Constant-Content and it has a strict editorial process.

Final Thoughts

Above are the few best freelance writing sites, so if you are serious about writing then try out few of them as in whatever profession you may be a banker, salesman, just graduate or anything else, there is always something there in you for a freelance job.

Writing Sites to Get Paid Jobs

A small tip for getting paid writing jobs is to try every possible site and have patience as the job will not start flowing as soon as your register. You need to create an attractive profile and sometimes you may even need to appear for some test to prove your caliber. Create a PayPal account as most of the freelance writing sites pay through PayPal.

10 Freelance Writing Sites to Get Paid Jobs
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10 Freelance Writing Sites to Get Paid Jobs
If you are serious for writing then find out the top 10 freelance writing website to get well paid jobs.
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