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Experience a Great Success Using My Home Based & Small Business Ideas Useful Tips and Guidance

Home Based & Small Business IdeasDo you want to dive in the home based business arena? Great!! Home Business Ideas Center comes with a variety of small business ideas that can be easily started at home. It’s true that a right idea isn’t sufficient to start a business. Here you will find solutions of every business related problems. Learn useful tips, step-by-step guidance, business know-how, marketing strategies of starting and running a range of businesses such as online business, small manufacturing business or agriculture related business. The all you need to know to start a profitable venture are waiting for your help.

Fast Food Business is like an ATM to Earn Money

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu
On: 26 Aug , 2016,
In: Small Business Ideas

Everyone specially the young generation is fond of fast foods. There is no denying that with the increase in the rush of our life, we are more often choosing to eat outside rather than cooking at home. In spite of the great demand, the number of fast food restaurants are is not sufficient. If you don’t want to participate in the rat race of service life then you can think to start a fast food business. It is the best idea for a healthy earning though little bit challenging but not impossible. If you use your creativity and imagination along with your hard work, you will surely make a success in fast food business.

Originally, fast food was introduced and popularized in United States. Now it has become a choice of people all over the world and India is not an exception.  Along with pizza, hamburger, hot dog, there are a wide variety of fast food available on the local market depending on the taste of people residing here.  Most of the fast food restaurants have ready-to serve counter or drive-through window where a person can place order and take the order without waiting a long. If it is something you have been dreaming of, then you should get prepared for starting a fast food restaurant.

Market Opportunity of Fast Food Business

Starting a fast food restaurant is the best choice for those who have an interest of culinary. It is one of the fastest growing and fast earning business opportunities in India as we all know the Indian people have a great urge for good food. Foreign companies like Mc Donald’s or Dominos and KFC have enjoyed a huge success in the last few decades in the India market which proves the potentiality of a fast food business. It has been seen that there is growing trend in the India’s fast food industry and it is expected to reach $11.2 billion by the year 2016.

A small break for Tiffin in the lunch hour or a quick dinner at night, we all are in search of good fast food restaurant every day. So there is a huge open market of fast food business which can be capitalized.

Options to Choose the Business Type

There are various options to choose the type of fast food business. If you have a place located in a busy area then you can opt for franchisees from various fast food brands or you can also start your own business.

The benefit of taking a franchise is that you don’t need to promote your product much as it will be dealing with an existing brand, people will already know about the same in prior and you can get the benefit of the brand value, but you need to share your profit with the company whereas, if you start your own business whatever profit or loss you earn will be entirely yours and you can also start your own brand of food.

Requirement to Start a Fast Food Restaurant

Taking a franchise or starting your own brand, you will need certain things for a proper execution of the plan like: –


Consider the amount of capital you need to invest in starting your business and how can you raise the amount. Taking a franchise or starting your own brand, you can apply for a loan from financial institutions and you need to submit you detailed business plan for the approval. It is advised to consult an expert to prepare the business plan and include specialty of the service you will be providing which is different from others and attract more customers.

Select the menu

This will depend on the location of your shop. If the population vegetarians are high then you can opt for only vegetarian foods or can make a separate counter for vegetarian foods and in the non-vegetarian area, you can keep both the items. Do start with a huge list of items at the beginning, choose selected items which are hot for sale in you locations and slowly increases the items as per demand.


The location of your shop needs to be in place with higher access to the people like, beside the main road or in highway or the best place is near any railway or bus station as most of us feel very hungry after travelling. An interior location is not good for a fast food business as people will avoid taking those extra steps to reach your shop. However, if you have franchise of any leading brand or have a great quality of food than some investment for promoting may help.


You don’t need to promote your shop if you are taking franchise as the brand will themselves do the same, but for promoting your own brand it is necessary that the name reaches the mass and attract more customers. Design a precise ad about the offerings and the quality with the cost effectiveness. Promotion is a must if the shop is located in an interior location.

Pricing of food

Along with quality, the price is an important factor to catch the attention of the customers. You need to do a thorough study of the competitive market and the price offerings. Little difference is negligible if the quality is superior but does a thorough research of your expenses also before fixing the price as the shop is to earn profit, not for charity.

Staff Selection

Select your staffs like cooks, cleaners or waiters carefully. Don’t hire many people at the beginning. A helper of the cook may also serve the need of a cleaner or a waiter. Choose the cook carefully who have a good amount of experience in the fast food business as the quality of the food you are offering will decide the success of the business.

Starting a fast food restaurant may also need some legal formalities depending on the location and is a great way of earning if the business is done with wise intention and hard work. Being the owner of the fast food business, you also need to have the knowledge of the culinary or else it will take a long time to see the success.

Desktop Publishing Business : Earn with Your Skill and Will

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu
On: 24 Aug , 2016,
In: Home Based Business Ideas

Do you have interest in publishing industry? If you have strong computer knowledge and skills in preparing various graphic materials, then you may consider desktop publishing business that goes with your skills and interest. Most interestingly, you can easily start this business from your home office; you need not to own a well-furnished store-front in a commercial business place. The all you need is to be well-versed in word processing or graphic design software.

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Start Your Own Coupon Business in 3 Easy Steps

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu
On: 23 Aug , 2016,
In: Home Based Business Ideas
Start Your Own Coupon Business

Starting a coupon business can be fun, exciting and a brand new challenge. The opportunity can also be lucrative and can be started from the comfort of your own home. There are hundreds of people who have been able to utilize this business model in order to create an additional stream of income. Some of these people have also been able to expand their business into a full-time opportunity, generating large sums of profit for them each and every month. Most interestingly, the business does not require a big amount as start-up cost.

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Essential Guide for Opening a Hair Salon

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu
On: 22 Aug , 2016,
In: Health & Beauty
Essential Guide for Opening a Hair Salon

Would you like to know more about opening a hair salon? It is a great idea indeed especially when 8 to 80, the people of all age group love to visit hair salons to have stylish haircuts, do straightening or color applications. These days, having a great hairstyle is somewhat essential for both men and women. Research also finds that more men dye their hair in recent times than ever before. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that there are 1 million plus barber shops and salons in the US generating annual sales of $46 billion.

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The Scope and Benefits of Starting a Ticket Booking Agency in India

Nabanita Kundu By: Nabanita Kundu
On: 21 Aug , 2016,
In: Small Business Ideas
Starting a Ticket Booking Agency in India

In this competitive market, everyone is not so lucky to get a job with lucrative pay package and job security, be a government service or a private one. But that doesn’t mean that all the roads are closed, business is an option which is open for everyone and success is guaranteed if done with intelligence and hard work. Business or work from home is the new trend, working people are also going for this option and a ticket booking agency is one of the best options to earn from home. The business is lucrative as there is an ever-increasing demand of railway reservation tickets, flight tickets and also bus tickets. You can earn a standard rate of commission from the leading airlines and IRCTC for selling tickets and give them business.

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